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Anyone bought Next children's shoes?

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mumtodd Wed 22-Aug-07 13:22:13

Hi, my dd is 15 months and has been walking a couple of months now. She has a good pair of leather shoes but they are getting wrecked playing outside. I wanted to get her a more casual pair but Clarks don't do runner style shoes in her size. I see Next shoes start at a size 3 and they have lovely casual shoes and runners. Has anyone had then for their dc's? What did you think of them? They are less than half the price I paid for the Clarks.

moljam Wed 22-Aug-07 13:23:03

were had them and found them great,just as good as more expensive ones but like you said cheaper!

MellowMa Wed 22-Aug-07 13:23:26

Message withdrawn

Slouchy Wed 22-Aug-07 13:25:37

Have bought trainers and 'party' shoes for the dds from Next. Quality is ok though not brill, and they are often not leather (esp baby trainers).
I wouldn't buy 'proper' shoes unfitted, though lpots of mnetters will.
TBH, your dd will be out of those 1st shoes so quickly I'd get the wear out of them and put her in them all the time. She may wreck them but at least her expensive, properly fitted shoes won't damage her feet - and she may need a new pair in 8 wks!

mumtodd Wed 22-Aug-07 13:30:03

Thanks for the replies. The Next shoes would really just be for playing outside. Her current favourite hobby is playing with water, pouring it from one place to the other and jumping in puddles. I'm just thinking if she gets her only pair of shoes wet we won't be able to go anywhere. They don't do half sizes so as she is a 3 1/2 I presume I would get a size 4 - will be ordering online rather than going into the store.

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