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Scooter for 3 year old.

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Palmwoods Tue 21-Aug-07 13:14:04

DD wants a scooter for her birthday. Any suggestions as to which are the safest?

FunkyGlassSlipper Tue 21-Aug-07 13:15:11

My DD 3.5 has the Fairy Girl one from ELC. Absoutely loves it. Had it for 3rd birthday. Seems pretty solid.

nailpolish Tue 21-Aug-07 13:18:31

im getting my dd2 a scooter for her 3rd birthday. her big sister (5) has a 2-wheeled one - she falls off this so im getting her a 3-wheeled one

witchandchips Tue 21-Aug-07 13:19:41

my ds (2.5) has this one which he absolutely loves
see mini micro scooter here

FunkyGlassSlipper Tue 21-Aug-07 13:24:13

this one

Palmwoods Tue 21-Aug-07 13:51:58

Thank you! I'm thinking the three wheeler one looks pretty easy to get on with.

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