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Has anyone seen a self adhesive double hook/cleat for tying roman blinds to please????

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BosworthBear Mon 20-Aug-07 17:11:04

I have a square bay window and have had 5 roman blinds made to fit it, they have arrived with the tie back bit but it needs to be drilled and I dont want to drill the pvc.... has anyone seen self adhesive hooks that would work, pref double ones or have any other bright ideas please???

morningpaper Mon 20-Aug-07 20:44:14

do you mean just for the string? Not to hold the blinds?

Try somewhere like Wilkinsons

PandaG Mon 20-Aug-07 20:45:42

How about buying sticky pads to attach the tie back bits, am pretty sure you can get some strong ones.

BosworthBear Tue 21-Aug-07 06:40:59

Yes, I mean just to hold the tie backs. The problem is that I would like the two ended ones. Wilkinsons, Focus etc at the moment only seem to have single hooks, could use 2 I suppose but having gone to the expense of the blinds for the dinning room would prefer them to look nice!! Might try the pads, where would i find them??

PandaG Tue 21-Aug-07 10:11:26

try a stationers, or a hardware shop like wilkinsons maybe.

or try here

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