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Where can I get nice Grobags?

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Cha Fri 30-Aug-02 22:15:14

Will be needing one for my 10 month old soon as the summer (what summer?) draws to an end. I read somewhere that they have a website - is this true? I would ideally like one that is NOT pink gingham with Pooh Bear on it, if at all possible.

aloha Fri 30-Aug-02 22:44:43

Lovely, elegant and rather chic French ones available from Bonne Nuit. I got mine via the link on the Mumsnet home page and got a discount. It's white with Bonne Nuit prettily embroidered in blue. I thoroughly recommend. BTW the Grobag ones are a little less attractive, but don't necessarily have Pooh Bear on them. The website is, I think. Otherwise do a Google search on them.

sjs Sat 31-Aug-02 06:56:33

I've used twice now. The quality is v. good and they delivered v. quickly to Hong Kong. They must have sent it out same day - it was here in a matter of days. I quite like the summer styles (waffle and towelling) but don't know what the winter ones are like.

Lorien Sat 31-Aug-02 09:17:29

HI, I also found the grobag website site very good. Quite a big range of designs and very prompt delivery. And also, the bags zip down, so the zipper toggle (or whatever you call it) is down at the bottom near your baby's feet and rather hard for them to undo. I think most of the bonne nuit bags have shoulder poppers (mine did) and my ds was out of his in a moment.
Apart from I think that John Lewis also stocks 'em.

Best, Lorien

aloha Sat 31-Aug-02 09:38:31

Lorien, how old is your baby? My son is 11months and has never even considered undoing his poppers!

GillW Sat 31-Aug-02 09:59:59

I've generally bought mine in French hypermarkets - where they work out at about £10 each, but in the UK I've also seen own label ones in Asda and H&M which work out at about the same price.

If you haven't bought things online from them before John Lewis currently have a £10 off when you spend £20 offer and have blue gingham ones at £17.50

Cha Sat 31-Aug-02 14:47:35

Thanks folks - visited both websites and got meself a grobag. has a sale on if anyone's interested (presumably last winter's stock before the new autumn lines come in) with bags at £17.95.

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