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Flooring for the playroom

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daisydog Sat 18-Aug-07 22:57:10

Help - need some ideas - just finishing off our new extension and we're turning the old dining room into a playroom - can anyone recommend some bomb-proof flooring. I want something that is very low maintenance - Ideally something I can just mop down at the end of the day and won't stain if I get paint, felt tip etc on it. Any thoughts?

The room is quite dark so I'd like something as light as possible. There's floorboards in there currently so we'd be laying onto them if that makes any difference?


krabbiepatty Sat 18-Aug-07 22:58:55

Dalsouple - rubber, used in factories. Many colours.

daisydog Mon 20-Aug-07 20:48:35

Thank you so much - looks just the sort of thing I want -have requested brochure - is it hideously expensive?

bodiddly Mon 20-Aug-07 20:55:20

There is a less expensive version of dalsouple ... I sell both through work .. I think it is by The Rubber Flooring Company ... may be worth having a look at.

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