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marmitemad Wed 15-Aug-07 10:46:42

Can anyone recommend these? I am looking at getting one for our holiday as we are visiting friends who won't have a highchair.

katylui1 Wed 15-Aug-07 10:54:30

I have one - they look good and are very useful as they do fit on any chair and are essentially just a large piece of fabric so like throwing a spare top in your bag. We use ours at Granny's when the other grandkids are taking up the highchairs. It does leave the seat of the chair available for playing / eating, but only if your LO never throws anything on the floor and eats incredibly tidyly .
TBH I would recemmend a sturdier booster seat - safety 1st do a good inflatable one. A bit bulkier to pack but at least you can get your LO up to the table. If DD eats with the rest of us in the totseat, we end up putting her on loads of cushions which inevitably fall off! It's also not the comfiest thing in the world but is great as a contraint (!) For DS1 I used to just pop an apron on him and tie that around the back of a chair!! Same concept...
Hope this helps...

MrsBadger Wed 15-Aug-07 10:57:20

only problem is they don't actually raise the child to table level.
How old is dd/ds? would a travel booster seat thus be more use?
Or even this sort?

marmitemad Wed 15-Aug-07 10:59:22

ahh thanks for the advice, I had looked at the inflatable ones but these say for after 12 months and dd is only 6 months (will be 7.5 when we go away) but is sitting up well. Do you think I could use an inflatable one now?

I have just got one of the plastic safety first folding ones for grandparents houses but this is a bit bulky to take on a plane.

Maybe I will see if they can borrow a proper high chair or just resign myself to feeding her on my lap for a week.

MrsBadger Wed 15-Aug-07 11:04:11

if you're still making with the spoon and she's not scrabbling for finger food off the table herself, a totseat should be fine and will save anyone having her on a lap.
It's only when they're a bit older, and want to reach the table they're less useful.

marmitemad Wed 15-Aug-07 11:47:00

well we have only just started weaning and dd seems to be preferring the blw to spoon feeding atm

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