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mad with GLTC

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robluc Tue 14-Aug-07 12:32:31

Oh how I wish I had joined and read the comments on mumsnet before 'trying' to buy my son's bed from GLTC. I'll try to cut the story short, but feel it's important to share with anyone else looking to buy from them.
On 29june, after much research I ordered my son's bed. My money (£397) was taken from my bank account 2nd july. I then received a notification of delivery that the bed would be with me 1st aug between8am - 8pm!!! No, the bed didn't arrive, I had no phone call to advise that I wouldn't receive the bed and after 8 phone calls to both airsprung beds (who apparantely were arranging delivery) and to gltc 'customer services', 3 emails and one letter, I have had no contact of apology and am still awaiting my bank to be credited with MY money!!! I am absolutey outraged and am about to write a letter to their Managing Director (Caroline Clark - I got her name from mumsnet after reading several complaints).

liliac Wed 15-Aug-07 01:56:56

thank you was going to order a bed from them tomorrow/today. Good luck with your complaint.

Whooosh Wed 15-Aug-07 18:24:12

I would never use them again after they took 8 weeks and numerous phonecalls to deliver a bookcase.....

mellow2 Thu 16-Aug-07 16:54:13

Thank you. I was going to order something from GLTC. Good luck with getting your money back.

GLTC Fri 24-Aug-07 21:57:10

Hello - Just spotted this thread, haven’t been on for a while.
Robluc – please can you email me your order number, real name and postcode to "will{at}" and I will find out what is going on and sort it on Tuesday.



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