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Help needed from MONKEY & REAGER please

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Ellaroo Tue 27-Aug-02 19:05:37


A friend of mine is thinking of buying the stacking pushchair from New Zealand that you both mentioned on another thread, but is understandably worried about buying something that she can't try out first. She needs it to be good on rough ground and suitable for a newborn and 17 month old. I would be really grateful if you could you give your honest opinions on what this pushchair is like. Also, did you get it shipped from New Zealand or is there a UK supplier? Many thanks in advance!

reager Tue 27-Aug-02 19:49:57

Hi there,
Got it shipped from NZ direct and it took 10 days. I love it but I have only got it recently when DD was 9 mths old. It glides across the mucky park on dog walks every day. I had given the mamas and papas pliko an early death with these walks. I am only using it for the one baby but the doubling up system looks great (in anticipation!). Maybe Monkey can compare it to other 3 wheelers / double systems?

Ellaroo Tue 27-Aug-02 20:31:40

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly Reager. Can imagine it is attracting much admiration on your dog walks as I have certainly never seen anything like it in the UK. Thanks for your opinion - friend currently has a M&P's Pilko, I think, and has also not found it that great on her rough track. Good luck with your bump!

Monkey, are you there???

Ellaroo Thu 29-Aug-02 20:00:21

Monkey, are you there??? - I'd really love your opinion!

ionesmum Thu 29-Aug-02 21:37:04

I think Monkey's on holiday.

florenceuk Fri 30-Aug-02 11:23:12

Two opposing views: my sister has two kids about the same age as your friends. She is however not that happy with her Kiwi Explorer because in order to put her newborn in, she has to buy a newborn kit (so that they lie flat), and while in pounds it is not that much, she is not willing to splash out for the 4mths or so it would be in use. Then she is worried that her newborn won't get to see anything, so now she's thinking of getting a side-by-side - Mountain Buggy make one with a swivel wheel but very expensive. However, I have a friend here who shipped one over from NZ, and has a 3yrold and a newborn - she is really happy with it. It is very easy to take the attachment off and on, so she can cope with when her 3yr old wants to walk or ride. Both say it is very easy to push, the swivel wheel is a great innovation, and it folds up well. So it depends on your space constraints, how concerned you are that your newborn sees out and how valuable the "easy on, easy off" convertibility of the stroller is.

monkey Mon 21-Oct-02 17:24:15

Hi ellaroo, this is probably way too late - I was on holiday - been back ages of course but this thread wasn't around when I gor back & I've only just discovered it. So sorry.

Anyway, the kiwi explorer. I really love mine but, and this is a big but, I can't use it any more really, as my kids are so close in age - 17 months, the same as your friend. The boys have been the same weight for ages, and the double system only works safely with 2 children of different weights. That said, that was just unlucky for me that the elder is small for his age and the younger is big for his age, so it tends to tip - not ideal. The company suggested strapping a weight to the footplate, but I haven't tried it.

Apart from this misfortune, the pushchair is great. Very very light & manoeverable, especially in comparison to a tandem which is very very hard work. It's so great on rough terain you hardly notice it, and I wouldn't consider anything without the swivel whell. It does tend to turn heads as it's design is unusual, some days I suppose I liked that but often I felt like taking photocopies of an info sheet out with me to hand to people who were blatantly gawping.

I found it very easy to collapse, but my dh didn't - I supsect just another job he preferred me to do so feigned ignorance.

I bought it as a double kit, which I suppose your friend would, so you're not actually buying the newborn bit seperately. I didn't find it really an issue about the newborn not being able to see, as most of the time ds slept as soon as he was put in it - a testimony to the fact he found it very comfy, and by the time he was 4 months he was just in the normal seat, which it quite reclined, so comfy for a baby too.

The customer service was good.

It's also useful in that you can just use it as a single, although to be honest, I always left the double seat on to pile all the bags & coats on, so that was very useful too. I did subsequently buy a tandem (I am a pushchair-holic) and it is a nightmare to push, especially with the slightest camber in the pavement. I couldn't manage with a side by side - there are just too many narrow places it would get extremely frustrating - find out the width of a side by side then see how many place & how many pavement you couldn't walk down!

Anyway, it probably is way too late - if this doesn't help you & your friend, at least let me know what she decided to do in the end!

btw, I got it shipped from nz, don't live in uk, but near lots of mountains that's no prob at al for fab buggy.

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