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Help! Trousers for slim 8 year old DS that I don't have to take 4" out of waistband to get the length!

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miljee Mon 13-Aug-07 15:55:21

If 1:10 kids are obese, why don't they make trousers for the other 90%?? I am heartily tired of having to spend hours with my (rubbish) sewing machine making adjustments so my DSs trousers fit. He's not tiny, just slim. I spend out the money for adjustable waistbands and yank in the elastic til the fabric is all an unattractive pucker THEN I have to set about taking a few inches out of the front waistband or making huge, bulky uncomfortable tucks! I'd go out and get a new sewing machine and make they from scratch myself IF I didn't have such a thing sitting in storage in Oz!!

I know this belongs in a 'Rant' section, really, but there's a chance someone out there may have discovered the holy grail of correct length trousers that FIT AROUND THE WAIST!

PS Just bought M&S adjustable waist school trews and am seriously considering getting them professionally altered. Why can't the manufacturers do 'slim fit' like they finally do 'short/med/long' in leg length??

brightwell Mon 13-Aug-07 16:29:07

I have the same problem with my ds,9, I get him adjustable waist trousers from Primark & Adams.

MrsBadger Mon 13-Aug-07 16:37:40

Always get 'flat front' rather than pleat
Adams do 'slim cut' school trous
and I seem to remember Cod saying that Next trousers were the best fit on one of her skinny boys

Beetroot Mon 13-Aug-07 16:40:18

h and m

FluffyMummy123 Mon 13-Aug-07 17:35:51

Message withdrawn

MintyDixCharrington Mon 13-Aug-07 17:42:05

my dd and also my ds1 has this problem. we are all long legged and she is a super skinny 9 year old. He is also quite skinny but in particular has a v flat bum so nothing stays up!
H &M are good. Zara are brilliant, because they cut SO long you can wear the size down (so she wears 8-9 for eg, and my almost 7 ds wears 5-6) to get the skinnyness and they still fit beautifully in the leg. Pretty much everyone else in the world has to turn them up 3 inches. Do you have zara in oz?
Boden skinny jeans for girls are good, I haven't looked to see if they have started to do them for boys, might be worth a look.

Ulysees Mon 13-Aug-07 17:47:59

I find vertbaudet good for my lanky skinny boys

miljee Mon 13-Aug-07 20:28:46

Thanks everyone! Some good ideas to chase there! I spent a good part of the afternoon unpicking various seams on a pair of age 6-7 adjustable waist Asda camouflage trews (9 pounds) in order to take 3 inches out of the front waist band! My DS isn't particularly tall so tends to wear the age down for length but even THEY are too big around the middle!

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