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Really good 'natural' / organic skin care etc?

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sammysam Mon 13-Aug-07 15:40:40

Any recommendations for skin care for me, baby care for my dd and suncream?

nightshade Mon 13-Aug-07 16:44:43

i like lavera products for myself, you can also buy sample kits.

try so organic or natural collection online, both do full range of products.

Pruners Mon 13-Aug-07 16:47:16

Message withdrawn

smugmumofboys Mon 13-Aug-07 16:48:28

I use Dr Hauschka's Rose day cream and it's fab.

sammysam Tue 14-Aug-07 16:19:51

What is the day cream like-is it greasy/oily? And where is the best place to buy from?

chocolateteapot Tue 14-Aug-07 19:06:43

It depends on how much of a purist you want to be about it.

If you do want something truly natural & reasonably priced then have a look at these:

Raw Gaia

Earthbound Organics


They are however a little different to a traditional cream and you will find them initially a little greasy. If you apply them to slightly damp skin or spray a little water over after applying then they will absorb nicely.

Suki is also pretty natural but more expensive.

Another alternative is to mix up your own facial oil with some good quality cold pressed organic oils, something like Jojoba, Rosehip & Macademia, depending on your skin type and you can add some essential oils for your particular skin type if you felt like it. Again applied to damp skin facial oils absorb in really well - I thought my face would be an oil slick the first time I used one but it wasn't at all and I know prefer using oils as it works out really economically and you can mix it depending to what your skin is doing at the time.

Raw Gaia, Earthbound & Akamuti all have stuff for babies but really again a good quality oil will do the job nicely.

For suncream have a look at Soleo.

A lot of the organic ones still have a whole load of chemical emulsifiers and preservatives in as they have a high water content but it depends what you are looking for. Be very careful buying anything with vegetable emulsifying wax as an emulsifer, especially for DD, as some types have Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) in which can be an irritant.

Furball Tue 14-Aug-07 19:11:39

I use Jason everything, love it. I get it from our local health shop.

sammysam Wed 15-Aug-07 16:28:12

oooh there are so many-and they all look so lovely! How do you decide!

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