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Nursing Bra Misery - WTF?

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AspirationalToiletries Sun 12-Aug-07 16:52:47

Once again I bring you my woes...

- Before pregnancy I was a petite 32B and wore padded underwired bras of great charm and beauty [sob, sob].
- By 16 wks these had got uncomfortable. I tried on various sizes of band and cup in M&S and traded up to a 34C in the same style.
- At 34 wks these started feeling tight too so I did more trying-on and swapped up to a 34D (same style, less of the beauty this time - Tesco two-for-£10 type).

Last week (38wks), BabyToiletries was confirmed to have 'dropped', which I took to mean my ribcage had returned to a slightly more normal shape, so I went smugly into my local independent lingerie shop to talk nursing bras.

She blinded me with science a bit ('Your breasts will get bigger then smaller, so go up a band size, fasten it on the smallest hook, then let it out when your milk comes in, leave room for breast pads'), passed me a bunch to try on, pinged my straps and slid my sliders and I ended up coming out with one of these in a 36D.

Now it is comfortable and it doesn't dig in anywhere,
it is doing that riding up at the back thing that Gok Wan shrieks about
the cups are, shall we say, roomy
it is cut evilly high at the front (had previously been enjoying showcasing my unprecedented cleavage)
it is monstrously unflattering to the shape of my currently pointy and boss-eyed norks
and it is, no getting away from it, extremely ugly .

I have measured myself with a tape measure and trawled the Sizing Guides of the websites (Bravado, Blooming Marvellous, Jojo, Mothercare) and to be fair none of them agree, (respectively 34D, 36B, 34DD, 36C), but none say 36D and I can't help feeling I've been sold a bit of a pup.

Any suggestions for a sensible next move?
Should I press on in search of a more flattering style and/or a betetr-fittin size?
Are all nursing bras revolting and the models just have unrealistically well-shaped breasts?
Or should I wait till after the birth to see how (if at all) I expand and/or contract?

[we really need a 'wailing' emoticon]

whomovedmychocolate Sun 12-Aug-07 16:57:01

That's not a good fit if it's riding up. I personally would wait till you have had the baby and book in with Debenhams personal shopping service and tell them you want to be fitted with nursing bras - they do royce, Emma Jane and I think Triumph. I went with DD who slept through the experience.

Most nursing bras are revolting though - elle macpherson does some nice ones though.

I had to change my size again at six weeks so don't buy any more than two.

pobletsmum Sun 12-Aug-07 17:12:38

I went to a Bravissimo shop for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago, 11 wks pregnant. I thoroughly recommend a visit to one of their shops if anywhere near you. Otherwise, they do fittings over the phone. Have never tried this service, but lady in shop recommended it. I have the most comfortable bra I have EVER had. The lady said that during pregnancy you are unlikely to go up by very much in the band size, but as you were told, perhaps go for the slightly bigger size on tightest hole to allow for expansion. Apparently the band is supposed to be quite tight, as this is where the support comes from. If the band is too big, the weight is taken up by the straps, which is wrong. I think the 36 is perhaps too big for you though if it's riding up the back. It's probably the cup size that needed to be bigger (again!).

It's such a pain how much variation there is among fitting services. After my bravissimmo fitting, I went to John Lewis, who fitted me in about the same size (34G), then M&S, who fitted me in a 38D!!!!!! I argued with the woman, as the bra she thought was a great fit was riding up my back as soon as I put it on. We just agreed to disagree!

AspirationalToiletries Sun 12-Aug-07 18:05:13

ah, now as a previously-small-breasted woman Bravissimo hadn't occurred to me.
Their nursing range looks kind of small, though I bet they'd be a good place to get measured...

Teaandcake Sun 12-Aug-07 21:51:34

Hi, I had some superb advice from bras4mums when I was originally shopping for nursing bras.

I met the lady who runs it at The Baby Show in London and a North West Baby show last year. She was really lovely and very helpful.

I've just tried the website but it seems to be out of action, however, if you Google bras4mums a few other sites have some info on them, all seem v impessed.

I do have a leaflet though, the phone numbers are:
0845 373 3875
07762 000 426


accessorizewithbabysick Mon 13-Aug-07 21:34:13

Nursing bras are revolting, no getting away from it. sorry. I think possibly the elle mcpherson ones come in a d and trinny and susannah rate them! But you need to get properly fitted by someone who takes the time to tell you what's going on. Bravissimo are fab, buy one of theirs then order some from figleaves who have a fab range and returns service. I bought the freya one (which bravissimo sell) very pretty but soooo uncomfortable as the straps are so wide.
I would thoroughly recommend a bravado in the meantime though as they're lovely and adjustable within a good size range so should be ok when your milk comes in even! Very comfy and you can get them on ebay, I was v.fond of my leopard print one. Actually I might go and buy one now!

AspirationalToiletries Tue 14-Aug-07 09:07:16

Thanks for all the good advice - spent a very profitable half-hour being fitted in Bravissimo yesterday and came away with their print Freya one (and some matching pants) in a 32DD.

It is pretty, comfortable, flattering and most importantly makes me feel good about myself - I realised on Sunday as I broke down weeping over my reflection in the surgical-support style Anita one that this is actually very important and I am much vainer than I realised .

Lack of sleep, exhaustion, pain and indignity of childbirth I am prepared for, but had not bargained for a year of being ashamed of my underwear...

pobletsmum Tue 14-Aug-07 13:30:24

So pleased that you went for a Bravissimo fitting. It sounds as though you're happier with the fit of this bra. 32DD is quite different to 36D. I bet you're more comfotable now. You know where to go next time (and where not to go!). Hope everything goes well for you in the next few weeks.

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