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Low single bed from Habitat (wedge) - a wise buy?

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boo64 Fri 10-Aug-07 21:29:10

I was going to get a normal single bed for ds (2.1) who I plan to move out of his cot soonish.

But today I saw one that is lovely and would match his other furniture in Habitat (product name Wedge).

It is normal single bed dimensions in terms of mattresses BUT is low to the ground.

This would be great for the next couple of years but could it be a problem for some reason I can't think of in the longer term?

Should I just get the normal bed or the Habitat one?

Bluestocking Fri 10-Aug-07 21:46:13

If he falls out he doesn't have so far to fall! The only drawback I can see is that if you or anyone else in the family is at all creaky it will be more difficult for you to sit on the bed when you read stories or whatever. Oh - just thought of another thing - you might at some stage want to put storage boxes under the bed.

boo64 Fri 10-Aug-07 21:56:31

Good points - it will be a long way up for us.

Short term gain (less of a problem if he falls out) for long term gain (back care and under-bed storage).

Ds's room isn't very big although there is a ton of storage elsewhere in the house and he has a decent size wardrobe and drawers so maybe not a problem re storage.

Oh I can't decide!!

MrsMarvel Fri 10-Aug-07 21:57:59

Nonono - have you any idea how much stuff you can store under a normal single bed? Don't say I didn't warn you.

boo64 Fri 10-Aug-07 22:11:32

oh I'm leaning towards the normal height one now....I'm really indecisive!

We do have the most ridiculous amount of storage in this house - but I suppose it isn't in ds's room and as he gets older he's going to want to keep all his stuff in there more and more...

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