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someone help with a pram-type decision

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preggersagain Fri 10-Aug-07 14:51:59

Right here goes:

i am looking at my options for a pram- what i want is a fully sprung classic type chassis, PROPER carrycot not a 2in1 or for example the sc sleepover, one that a car seat can be used on but here's the catch really i want a car seat with a base!

I love the bebecar stylo chassis but the car seat that matches it doesn't have a base!

Or shall i get a pram and then get a graco car seat and shove it when need be on my infinity chassis?

I hate travel systems so it won't be used as one very often but i think i will need some kind of wheels for the car seat.

Anyone with any ideas on this?

andyrobo237 Fri 10-Aug-07 20:29:06

Can I question why you want a base? Is it for safety (ie ISOFIX) or because your car has short seat belts?

Mamas and Papas do car seats with bases and the big prams with carrycots - like a four-in-one - you get the carrycot, seat unit, car seat and the chassis.

How about another option - get the maxi-cosi car seat which has an isofix or a normal base and is a fab car seat - and then get a Quinny zapp off MN or Ebay and use this as the wheels for the car seat. Not the best buggy around, but is small when folded and lightweight. You can get the Zapp for under £70 - they are on sale everywhere at the moment! It wil depend upon when you think you will want to use the car seat on the wheels - as a second time mum with a school age DD - I bought the maxi-cosi seat and then an ICandy cherry (did go to the shop to get the Zapp but swayed by the sales assistant!!!) - it is great as I get to school, get the chassis out and clip the car seat on and off we go! School is not close enought to walk unfortunately!

Maybe someone else will have a better idea!

Teaandcake Fri 10-Aug-07 21:30:35

How about an Emmaljunga? A proper bouncy, sprung chassis with a lovely big and comfy carrycot. They have just brought out a new car seat that goes on their chassis and also has the option of an ISOFIX base for the car.

MrsBadger Fri 10-Aug-07 21:34:35

I think you'll cope fine without wheels for the carseat tbh.

(and the MaxiCosi Cabrio & base tested safer than the Graco one IIRC)

preggersagain Sat 11-Aug-07 09:41:14

i HATE m&p with a vengence so not the m&p system!!

I have looked at the emmaljunga, but i'm still drawn to the stylo chassis

I need a base in the car as i will be leaving the house plonking baby on the base, dropping the kids off (so taking baby out of the car pref still in seat) getting back in the car and driving to work then taking baby into work with me where i will then use the pram during the day so that baby lays flat! aprox walk to work from car park is half a mile and i don't think i could carry the car seat that far. I had a seat without a base last time and it was a pita- especially if i'm in and out of the car to 2 schools etc.

I had thought about leaving the car seat in the car and transfering baby to pram but that means having a large pram and carrycot in the car all ther time, and dh/nanny/anyone who fancies a go (!) will be stopping by work from time to time to collect baby so therefore will need the car seat handy during the day.

Its a conundrum! i like the graco seat as the bases aren't phenomenally priced so we can get one for each car and the cabrio isn't reccomended for dh's car (otherwise i'd get that and use my bug frame!)

Oh the decisions!!!!

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