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Mosquito repellent for babies?

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skirmish Fri 10-Aug-07 08:37:46

Is there such a thing? We are off to france in a month and there are loads of mozzies about esp at night. Now, i can get a mozzie net for the cot, but is there anything you can safely put on babies skin? I know you can get those zapper type things to put on the pram - do they work?

SSSandy2 Fri 10-Aug-07 08:45:49

The chemist told me there is nothing for dc under two (at least here -Germany, maybe in the UK there is something?). I was also told that Autaun or something which you can use from the age of 2 is not something you should put on dc's skin on a daily basis,i.e. overnight for a couple of nights in a row

rhiannon134 Fri 10-Aug-07 08:49:16

I make my own for all the family, just make it weaker for babies, I use essential oils in a base oil then transfer to a spray bottle.
100ml base oil, sweet almond or similar
1ml (20 drops) citronella
1ml eucalyptus
1 or 2ml lavender

Should work reasonably well and is safe enough for babies

Leati Fri 10-Aug-07 08:56:23

Yes and you should use it. DEET is proven to keep mesquitos away while other are not. They have mesquito repellents with less DEET for younger children. You can also spray the outside of her clothes. Never ever put it on your babies hands as thier hands are likely to go into the mouth.

Here is a good article that can help advice you;

Leati Fri 10-Aug-07 08:57:45

Please Please Please!!! Read that article because it is full of good advice and the zapper will not offer full protection.

Good Luck!!!

Leati Fri 10-Aug-07 08:58:35


The policy is two months not two years. I am not sure which you are speaking of.

SSSandy2 Fri 10-Aug-07 09:10:02

Leati we don't have Deet here, just Autaun or something like that. Diff product, diff age groups I'm assuming.

Leati Fri 10-Aug-07 09:21:39


I am sorry to hear that. I just figured with the spreading of disease through mesquite bites that they would have an effective products for babies. Maybe you can mail order it?

Leati Fri 10-Aug-07 09:30:12

I actually just did a little quick research and it appears that alot of products including some of Autaun do have DEET in them. The problem is they appear to contain a very high percentage. The baby friendly repellents usually have much less. I believe I read 50% DEET while the childrens brand in the US only has 7%.

Leati Fri 10-Aug-07 09:39:51

I know this is my third post in a row but I found out there are some deet products available for infants in the UK. Yeaaaaaaah!

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