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Has anyone purchased school uniform from Tesco?

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tiredemma Thu 09-Aug-07 15:24:20

Ds1 goes into yr 2 this year and fortunatly last year- apart from a pair of shoes and a couple of pairs of trousers, I did not have to update his uniform.

Ds2 starts reception and so is in need of the whole caboodle, so I am going to have to purchase two brand new sets of uniform over the coming weeks.

When ds1 stated school we purchased everything on our Next acct, but this has long since been payed off and I dont want to run up the bill again.

Whilst in Tesco's yesterday- I picked up a 'back to school' booklet with uniform in and was amazed to see it as literally half price compared to Next.

Is it good quality uniform? really need to tighten our belts this year and so saving on this would be a great help- bearing in mind that they will both need new shoes also.

FioFio Thu 09-Aug-07 15:25:23

Message withdrawn

iota Thu 09-Aug-07 15:26:31

Tesco is fine IMHO

I think school uniform is getting cheaper everywhere, there is so much competition. I bought some trousers in M&S a couple of weeks ago it was buy2 get 1 free

tiredemma Thu 09-Aug-07 15:28:10

Oh it shrank? dont want to buy stuff only to have to update it by xmas.

Had forgotten about Woolies and Ladybird.

I was excited about ds2 starting school until I realised it would cost me this month!

MamaG Thu 09-Aug-07 15:29:12

don't buy Asda polo shirts - shrank and were scratchy. Trousers ok tho

kittylouise Thu 09-Aug-07 15:29:54

Trousers, skirts, dresses etc were always fine and washed perfectly. The shirts (aertex type ones) less so, went out of shape too quickly, always got those from Woollies or Adams.

My days of cheapo uniforms are over - dd starts senior school this year and we have to get uniform from insanely outdated gentlemen's outfitters (bit like the department store in Are you Being Served!!). £55 blazer, £30 skirt, £9 tie - ohmigod!!!

WendyWeber Thu 09-Aug-07 15:32:11

Have just bought DS2 new trousers from there but he hasn't worn them yet - I don't expect them to shrink because they are manmade fibre and I'm hoping they will wear well.

Can def recommend M&S though, esp when they're on 3 for 2 which makes them equivalent to Tesco I think. DS2 wore the same 3 pairs of trousers (pleat-front Teflon ones) for 3 years and they have survived intact despite hours of lunchtime football etc.

FioFio Thu 09-Aug-07 15:33:50

Message withdrawn

tiredemma Thu 09-Aug-07 15:34:25

ha ha Kittylouise-
Dp oten reminices about being taken to a Gentlemans outfitters for school to buy a 'sport jacket' ( those things with leather elbow pads) for his first term at public school. Made him dress like an old man.

WendyWeber Thu 09-Aug-07 16:58:27

They were these, fio - I got all 3 pairs, slightly used, from ebay for £5 , in age 12 when he was 11; they had elastic backs and because he is skinny he's been able to wear them up to age 14 by dragging them down as far as he could

They don't seem like little boys' trousers, but they do start at age 3, and honestly DS2 is incredibly hard on clothes and despite the odd fallen hem or split seam (mended by good old reliable grandma) they were virtually good as new.

Lucewheel Thu 09-Aug-07 17:00:38

Adams has school uniforms on buy one get one half price ATM. I have bought for two dds and it saved me quite a bit of money.

harleyd Thu 09-Aug-07 17:03:50

who does ladybird?kids are back to school in 3 weeks and i havent got a thing yet

becklespeckle Thu 09-Aug-07 17:04:09

I bought DS1's t-shirts from Tesco last September and they are still good now, they washed well and didn't shrink- he will be wearing them again this September too as they still fit!

roisin Thu 09-Aug-07 17:06:56

I bought Tesco trousers when the boys were little (yr R-2), as they would often outgrow a size after about 6 months. But now that they will fit for longer, I buy M&S = much better quality, but more expensive, even with 3 for 2.

saltire Thu 09-Aug-07 17:07:09

I buy the Dses trousers from Asda, as DS1 is 9 but needs age 11/12 trousers and Asda is the only place I ahve seen which does adjustable waists in that age group.
Didn't like Tesco polo shirts when i got them!

roisin Thu 09-Aug-07 17:08:23

M&S are fab. DS1 (10) had just two pairs last year, and they still look really good. (Ds2's Adam's trousers were rags by the end of the year.)

serenity Thu 09-Aug-07 17:08:54

Just want to recommend Matalans shirts (haven't tried the other stuff) The cotton is lovely and thick compared to the ones we've previously bought from Tesco and ASDA (which were fine) They feel a lot more expensive than they were, which was something ridiculous like £3 for a 2 pack.

FluffyMummy123 Thu 09-Aug-07 17:09:22

Message withdrawn

mosschops30 Thu 09-Aug-07 17:09:47

I bought Asda polo shirts and trousers last year and they were excellent quality and half the price of M&S Next etc.

Have bought trousers again for dd this year from asda

FioFio Thu 09-Aug-07 19:34:08

Message withdrawn

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