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baby einstein videos

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littleweed Wed 22-Sep-04 12:19:23

Just wondered if anyone had any of these or any thoughts /opinions/favourites etc. I need something that will guarantee me 5 minutes peace now and then but don't hsve access to Cbeebies or anything like that.cheers LW

bakedpotato Wed 22-Sep-04 12:49:32

friends swore by the tapes for their less-than-a-year-old

i watched one once, it was lovely... and crackers. mechanical toys on loops, mobiles, wind-up trains chugging around. very restful.

i dont' remember any speech though so not much good for anyone apart from babies

hope you get some more expert advice soon

codswallop Wed 22-Sep-04 12:50:56

theres a thread on this on behaviour
"how to entertain a 9month old boy"

misdee Wed 22-Sep-04 12:52:08

we have the dvd set. dd2 loves them even now she is 2 years old. they can get me peace and quiet for a lot longer than cbeebies, and she thinks the glove puppet characters are great.

the baby mozart one is the current favourite in our house. closely followed by world of colour and neighbourhood animals.

katzguk Wed 22-Sep-04 12:53:24

we've got a few and DD loves them and has done from about 6months (she'll be 2 next month) she sits and interacts with them. We've got the DVD's which have good bonus' like flash cards whihc they have to shout out what the object is.

Galaxy Wed 22-Sep-04 13:00:49

message withdrawn

muddaofsuburbia Wed 22-Sep-04 13:04:57

Ds(2)has Baby Mozart which is more popular in our house than Cbeebies

He knows the order of each sequence and if I'm out of the room when the dragon is about to come on, he'll come tearing through to the kitchen, drag me in front of the telly and say "mummy! mummy! the dragon says blaaaah" (which bizarrely it does).

No speech, but lovely gentle music which ds recognises and sings along to if it's on a CD or I play it on the piano (badly).

OR - you could set your video to BBC2 from whatever time cbeebies starts and create a tape of a few hours of beebies primed and ready for you to put on when you need it.

dinosaur Wed 22-Sep-04 13:09:05

My DS1 and 2 both loved Baby Mozart - Baby Bach has never been as popular for some reason.

DS1 who is five still likes it, although being auti may explain why he hasn't grown out of it.

Haven't tried them on DS3 yet...

The other thing my DS1 really liked when he was one year old were the Tweenies Songtime videos.

tassis Wed 22-Sep-04 13:09:36

Ds (now 17months) LOVED Baby Mozart from 4 months. 30 mins of peace! He still enjoys it. We have Baby Van Gogh too, but I reckon Mozart is better for younger babies.

MancMum Wed 22-Sep-04 13:30:57

baby einstein entertained my baby DD for oooh all of 10 - 20 seconds but her bigger brother and his friends aged 3 loved to watch the silly baby video and would sit and laugh at it for hours... so sort of successful - you can have mind if you send me your address...

Caribbeanqueen Wed 22-Sep-04 13:54:51

DD loves them and has done since she was about 6 months - now 17 months. The only one we have with "words" is the language one, with nursery rhymes and songs in about 5 languages. I think they are great.

Galaxy Wed 22-Sep-04 15:10:03

message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Sep-04 16:07:32

Message withdrawn

moomina Wed 22-Sep-04 16:35:54

My ds (15 months) has loved these from about 6 months. Guaranteed 30 mins peace A friend bought her dd Baby Mozart at about 2 months and I thought she was mad hothousing mother freak - until I realised ds was hypnotically drawn to it too...

We've got Baby Beethoven, Van Gogh and Newton - and must admit am thinking of getting the whole lot! Ebay always has DVD box sets for about £35 - v. tempting.

colinsmommy Wed 22-Sep-04 16:43:24

We got the entire set from DH's aunt who bought it for an X-mas present last year. TBH they kind of creep me out because anytime DS watches them he goes into some sort of "trance" and doesn't do anything but stare at the TV, and he is such an active, wiggly child. That said, sometimes I put them on when I absolutely need to have peace (such as being able to take a quick shower in the am). I've only put Mozart and Bach on and haven't even opened the others.

Uhu Wed 22-Sep-04 16:43:48

I bought my twin DSs the Mozart DVD when they were 3 months and it gave me at least 20 minutes of peace. I've now invested in Shakespeare and Newton to add variety. Even now at 7 months,they are entranced by the images and hopefully the music.

muddaofsuburbia Wed 22-Sep-04 17:04:25

What happens if you play Baby Mozart backwards?

littleweed Wed 22-Sep-04 18:00:19

thanks - sounds like mozart is the best one to get - if I play it backwards will it play motorhead or ACDC or something vile and corrupting??! thanks also for the tip about taping Cbeebies off BBC - seems blindingly obvious now someone has told me!!

dot1 Thu 23-Sep-04 10:57:23

The baby Mozart one's fab - much better than Baby Bach! Our 2.5 year old and 5 month old both love it and it regularly buys us a good 20 minutes peace time!

carla Thu 23-Sep-04 11:04:23

My dds were absolutely captivated by Baby Shakespeare.

zippy539 Thu 23-Sep-04 18:58:07

They're all great except Baby Bach which is weirdly creepy. DS has loved Baby Mozart since he was a few weeks old (shame on me) and still enjoys watching Shakespeare/animals/Einstein now he's nearly three. DD (1) is a complete fidget but she will watch all of neighbourhood animals without budging. Best money I ever spent !

fisil Thu 23-Sep-04 21:25:18

Ah yes, baby drugs! My (childless) friend was so impressed that when babysitting she once played it 3 times back to back to ds and he sat silently through the lot! And I remember the time when if I phoned a mummy-friend at a certain time of day you could hear it in stereo down the phone! I bought Baby Mozart & Shakespeare but ds seemed so obsessed with Baby Mozart that we never even bothered with the other.

BTW it is 27 minutes long. 27 precious minutes!

yingers74 Thu 23-Sep-04 21:46:46

agree with the others, my dd loves them all! now she is getting older she also quite like baby newton! The classical music element makes you feel less guilty too as it is suppose to be good for them! Tad expensive though

carla Thu 23-Sep-04 21:58:14

Can anyone guess I'm doing a clearout Anyone want a baby Shakespeare?

harrassedmum Thu 23-Sep-04 22:34:58

Didnt think much to it actually, though have only got one video, but neither kids are that botherd, Barney still gets the vote in our house!

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