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Sling/carrier advice please

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thelady Wed 08-Aug-07 18:28:24

I'm due in December, and DH and I are hoping to use some sort of sling to carry the new arrival around with us.

He's 6'1 and skinny, and I'm 5'7 and curvy, with 38D boobs (which will, no doubt get bigger). We know we can't use a front carrier as both have back problems which mean things hanging off the front of our shoulders are anything from uncomfortable to downright painful.

I've been mooching around the internet, and am feeling completely bamboozled by the number of options available. Could I please have some recommendations based on us buying one carrier that will suit us both (so I suspect it will need to be adjustable) at least until the LO is 6 months and/or sitting up well enough to go on our backs.

Many thanks.

MrsBadger Wed 08-Aug-07 18:38:16

if you can face the learning curve, a wrap is a good place to start as it's infintely adjustable and spreads the weight over both shoulders and round hips / waist (good thing if dodgy back).

The Wilkinet is a slightly more technical version of a wrap that has less of a learning curve but is correspondingly less versatile, and the Ergois more technical still. Both are still much better than the standard Mothercare/Bjorn type though.

The other adjustable type is the ring sling which may or may not suit you as it goes over one shoudler only but is still v adjustable.

This 'hybrid' sling looks interesting - easier than a wrap, not as techy as a Wilkinet - but I've never seen one in real life...

Personally I have a wrap, and impatient DH has a basic pouch (no tying, no buckles, ntohing to get wrong) but the latter is sized so no good for sharing.

lailasmum Wed 08-Aug-07 18:43:28

I would agree with the wrap sling. I have a bad back and these allow you to use a tying method that puts the weight on your hips so you don't feel it in your shoulders. I would suggest you get one that is 5m long so you have plenty of fabric. A Kari me is a good place to start.

thelady Wed 08-Aug-07 23:43:37


littlelapin Wed 08-Aug-07 23:47:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BadHair Thu 09-Aug-07 00:33:15

I have just bought a ring sling (second hand, via Mumsnet, actually), and it is FABULOUS. I had a front carrier for dses 1 and 2, and neither of them liked it, so thought I'd try a ring sling for ds3. I can honestly say that it's the one piece of baby "kit" I'd recommend for every new parent, in fact I only wish I'd bought it earlier as ds3 was 12 weeks old and I could have done with it from day one.

He's really settled in it as he's close to me and can sleep comfortably while we're walking along. I've not tried feeding him in it yet, though you apparently can, but I just take him out, latch him on and use the sling as a cover for us both.

Only downside is that dh doesn't like the material mine is made from so I'm considering buying another one for him to wear.

I found this site was good for wearing instructions.

pinkyminky Thu 09-Aug-07 01:11:07

I have a didymos sling. you can get different lengths. My dh is tall so I got a long one- size 6. It really is wonderful. You have to bear in mind the size of your baby, how long you plan to carry him/her for. The didymos copes with a heavy baby/toddler.I really can't emphaise how fab a wrap sling is compared to a baby carrier. They are totally different. A friend has a hugabub, which is one of the stretchy fabirc slings, they are really lovely, but not so good once the baby gets big, but still loads better than a baby carrier.The wrap sling may look a bit daunting but really they are very straight forward, it only took me a few minutes once it arrived in the box and I'd practiced a couple of times with a teddy bear and we were off out the door!
We also have a podaegi, which is really simple and great for putting an older baby/toddler on your back. this site is really good they used to let you hire slings, don't know if that's still the case.

thelady Thu 09-Aug-07 20:17:12

Thank you all. I hadn't considered the 'impatience' problem with DHs so may think again about a pouch sling for him and a more adjustable one for me/anyone else that's taking DC out.

3madboys Thu 09-Aug-07 20:33:51

i have a wilkinet, a ring sling and a big cloth sling, which dp says was bloody expensive for a big strip of material

i use all three, or did when the boys were smaller, i liked the ring sling as i could bfeed the baby when in it, and i still use if for ds3 now and he is two and a half.

the wilkinet is also fab and my dp got to grips with that and would often use it take the boys out, he is 6ft and it fitted him fine you can aslo use the wilkinet on your back once the baby is 5mths ish?

gillhowe Fri 10-Aug-07 10:16:21

I've just got a didymos and it is fantastic, I wish I'd had it from day 1 (I've been through a few variations). Its not as hard as it looks and is just so versatile, DS is 9 months so I mostly have it so I can just slip it over my head and carry him on my hip.

Its worth saying that DH wont wear it - he prefers the more manly backpack!

gringottsgoblin Fri 10-Aug-07 10:28:00

i have a maya ring sling which is ok but at 5 months ds can arch his back so he straightens himself and could possibly slip out of the bottom. ok if hands are free but i dont wear it if i need to carry anything else!

long strips of fabric type slings are expensive for what they are, 3madboys dh is right! i have 6 metres of muslin which cost about £9 and i use as a wrap sling, i love this but it is a bit fiddly.

i also have an ergo but i find it really difficult to use. its supposed to be ok front and back but im not keen on either. however i bought it after loads of mners recommended them so im in the minority! it does have a waist strap so its not just dangling from your shoulders.

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