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Anyone bought a sofa from scs?

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Scoobi6 Wed 08-Aug-07 17:55:52

I've seen one I really like in the sale, but a google search gave only bad reviews of product quality, customer service etc. The salesmen in the shop are pushy which makes me want to walk out the door tbh, but I really like the sofa and can't find similar one elsewhere. Anyone had any experiences good or bad? Thanks.

Bubbaloo Wed 08-Aug-07 20:36:00

We bought from there last year.The salesman was also pushy but I no pushier than DFS.
Anyway...the suite was delivered and within 30 mins of it arriving I sat on it and the springs went.
They said they'd come and repair it the following week but in the meantime dh sat on one of the chairs and they same thing happened.I phoned them,was livid and told them I didn't want it repaired and wanted a new one.I also mentioned the wooden feet on the sofa were a slightly different colour to one of the chairs too and the pile on the cushions looked like it had been cut too low also.They staff at the store where I bought it from were lovely but their customer service dept were a different ball game.After sending their upholsterer to check it out and waiting about 4 months I finally got a new suite.This was after I phoned them threatening to go to my local paper,where I told them my sister was a reporter.
The new suite arrived and 3 days later the front panel on one of the chairs came away exposing thick tacks and nails.Ds1 had just started walking then,so when I told them this was unacceptable they sent their upholsterer round to fix it a few days later and(touch wood!!!!)it's been ok ever since.They were very difficult to deal with BUT I do love my sofa,although I'm not sure I'd use them again.Hopefully this one will last a good few years.

Scoobi6 Wed 08-Aug-07 20:47:04

Thanks bubbaloo. I read a review elsewhere which said there were sharp nails and tacks exposed when they put their hands down between the cushions! Not ideal with babies and small children around, is it? I'm still dithering. It looks so pretty in the shop! Bah.

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