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Has anyone used a nannycam service or done a diy one?

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MrsFogi Tue 07-Aug-07 15:51:11

I'm not intending to start a debate on the pros and cons/fors and againsts of nannycams. I have decided I would like to install one for a few days or a week. Can anyone recommend a service they have used (I am in London) or give any practical advice based on their experience?

TheBlonde Tue 07-Aug-07 15:55:17

Does your nanny have access to a home pc?

If not you can just get a teeny webcam and run it from there
You can set them to just record when they see motion

MrsFogi Tue 07-Aug-07 15:57:49

Yes she has access to our home pc so I take it this would not be an option.

gess Tue 07-Aug-07 16:04:43

Will she know she's going to be videoed? If not I would check the legal position first.

nomdeplume Tue 07-Aug-07 16:06:06

could it be viewed as entrapment if she is unaware that she is being filmed ?

gess Tue 07-Aug-07 16:07:42

I think it might break privacy laws/data protection. I'm sure you have to tell people they're are being videoed.

TheBlonde Tue 07-Aug-07 17:08:29

I doubt mrsfogi wants to tell her this site looks good

nannynick Tue 07-Aug-07 17:43:17

Never used one, or known any employer of mine to use one... but if you are only wanting to see what is happening for a short period of time, renting the equipment may be an option. - provide systems for rent in London area.

Information regarding legal obligations when using CCTV can be found at
There is an exception to the Data Protection Act for domestic premises, but I am not sure that an Employer on Domestic Premises would be exempt, as it is a place of work. Depending on what you use the footage for, you may wish to seek legal advice.

MrsFogi Tue 07-Aug-07 19:54:35

Thanks for the links. I just want to get an idea of what life is like for dd during the day when I'm at work I think our nanny is great and I'm not expecting any bad surprises or to use the footage for anything in particular. I just feel a bit strange about leaving the person I love most in the world all day and having less idea of what the nanny is like etc than my employer has of what I am like during working hours.

princessmel Tue 07-Aug-07 19:56:29

Why dont you just ask her what she does all day? Ask her to keep a little diary and maybe give her a cam corder to video bits and peices on.
If you dont trust her maybe she shouldn't be looking after your children.

bumfeatures Tue 07-Aug-07 20:12:38

If i was yyour nanny and i found out you had videod me without my consent I am afraid i would go ballistic.

Whatever the legal requirement, I think this is utterly distasteful and un pleasant tbh.

If you have a suspicion that there is something going worng then maybe it is a good idea, but if you just want to peek at her on and off, I think it is one of the worst ideas I have every hjeard in the history of employee and employer realtionships.

NannyL Tue 07-Aug-07 21:16:54

I too would be livid if any of my employers filmed me like that without telling me.

I know that none of my employers have / would... (although where i work now will be having CCTV installed in the drive and possibley in the entrance hall as well, im fine with that, its for security will show me every time i come in and out of the house)

TBH if you dont trust the nanny why are you leaving them in the First place?

Can honestly say if i ever found out i was being filmed like that i would be very likely to leave with out notice....

My bosses could then watch back the footage and see happy children having a nice day etc. I have nothing to hide but even so it is not necessary to spy on me

gess Tue 07-Aug-07 21:22:07

If its just to get an idea of the day then why not ask the nanny to take photos you could print off in the evening. Ds3's childminder does this and its a lovely record.

I do agree that a lot of people would be livid if they found out they'd been videoed on the sly, and I do think its dodgy legally as well- you could end up in a lots of hot water doing it covertly.

oops Tue 07-Aug-07 21:59:30

Message withdrawn

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