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FunkyGlassSlipper Mon 06-Aug-07 11:49:35

I have 2 DDs

DD1 is 14.8 kg and has a Britax Isofix Duo in DHs car and a Britax Trio in my car.

DD2 is 8 months and in a Graco Autobase baby seat.

Original plan had been to move DD2 into DD1's seats and get DD1 a booster but now the law has changed I dont really know what seats they should have or which ones are any good tbh.

Advice welcome

FunkyGlassSlipper Mon 06-Aug-07 11:49:59

forgot to say DD1 is 3 1/2

LIZS Mon 06-Aug-07 12:04:18

DD1 is fine as she is until 18 kgs or you could buy a high back booster(or use Trio) from 15kgs.

Nemo2007 Mon 06-Aug-07 12:18:54

Will say we had a britax trio and then I read the which report which basically said it was a naff car seat. I went out and bought Ds and maxi cosi rodi xp booster and DD1 is in a britax freeway and DD2 is in a britax eclipse but it is rear facing at the minute.

FunkyGlassSlipper Mon 06-Aug-07 13:37:13

Ok. No plans to change until the end of the year but I've been finding the new law confusing.

I had heard the Trio wasnt very good as a booster so will probably get a new seat for my car and DHs car for DD1 and let DD2 have the current seats.

Any recommendations then for a 9mths-11 years car seat?

Nemo2007 Mon 06-Aug-07 13:50:05

AFAIK all the 9mths-11yrs are pants as they dont withstand very well on impact and sort of fold over on themselves as a 9mth old isnt heavy enough to stop that happening.

LIZS Mon 06-Aug-07 14:09:05

We have a Britax Evovla 123 Ultra which does ok in Which ? tests (59 rating iirc, top being about 70), better as a highback booster. pita to fit and possibly not as comfy for a baby as recline is fixed and it sits low on the actual seat.

FunkyGlassSlipper Mon 06-Aug-07 14:09:46

aaargh. Why does this have to be so expensive!! I know you cant put a price on safety but this is such a pita.

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