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Has anyone got one of those lawnmowers which mulches instead of collecting grass?

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LittleBellatrixLeBoot Sun 05-Aug-07 20:33:53

I need ot buy a new lawnmower and need a petrol powered one (garden is big). I saw one in B&Q which has no box to collect the grass, it just cuts the grass so small that it goes back into the soil and enriches, supposedly. And you don't have to collect the grass and dispose of it, so very good if you're as lazy as me.

Has anyone got one and are they any good?

TranquilaManana Sun 05-Aug-07 21:50:54

i heard about it on gardeners question time on radio 4 t'other day. gardening experty person was recommending.

thought to myself; hmmm, thats a good idea.

MintyDixCharrington Sun 05-Aug-07 21:59:38

yes. we have a john deere with a mulcher. it is excellent. we use it to mow about 3 acres of lawn, it can also cope with paddock but obviously you don't generally want to mulch in a paddock

LittleBellatrixLeBoot Mon 06-Aug-07 20:56:57

Thanks both

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