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Saw a great (kids) puzzle - but can't find it to buy, anyone know where I can get it?

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StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Sun 05-Aug-07 20:33:51

It was butterflies of all different colours and you have to match the butterfly halves together and end up with a 7x7 square.

I think you can get it in ladybird and shark designs as well. Have no idea of manufacturer.

Anyone have one?

Skribble Sun 05-Aug-07 22:53:23

Is it wooden with layers

Skribble Sun 05-Aug-07 23:00:02

Scroll down

CarGirl Sun 05-Aug-07 23:01:23

Dd got a dinosaur one like this, think it was from ELC?

pammo Mon 06-Aug-07 18:54:46

George Luck puzzles

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