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Microwave cookware

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PrettyCandles Sun 05-Aug-07 15:02:17

I need a steamer and a domed dish cover for the microwave. Lakeland, my trusty old resource, have no longer got the dish cover (well, they do, but it's shallow, so suitable for a bowl but not a plate).

Any ideas where I can get these? Online would be fine.

JackieNo Sun 05-Aug-07 15:05:06

Something like this?

JackieNo Sun 05-Aug-07 15:05:43

And a steamer?

MrsBadger Sun 05-Aug-07 15:07:01

we got a domed thingy thus from Betterware - they have the steamer too.

PrettyCandles Sun 05-Aug-07 15:13:27

The cover from Cooks Kitchen is good, but they don't have the steamer I want - and I don't really want to pay postage twice by buying from different places. They only have the open steaming things, not the dish with a water reservoir beneath and a cover on top.

PrettyCandles Sun 05-Aug-07 15:13:47

Ah, Betterward looks goo, thanks.

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