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Help - Games Console Novice - Problems setting up a PS2

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Niecie Wed 01-Aug-07 23:46:11

I don't know if anybody can help but I bought my DS a playstation 2 for his birthday a few days ago and I am having trouble setting it up. I got it second hand from ebay and it didn't come with any instructions.

I have no problem setting it up on the big telly in our lounge but I can't get it to work on either of the portables and we want our main telly back!!!

The difference seems to be that the big telly has channels 0 to 99 and additional channels EXT 1,2 and 3 and another called SVHS 2 and the Playstation got picked up by EXT 2 automatically. The 2 portables don't have these additional 4 channels. Is it not possible to tune a PS2 into them or am I missing a trick? Surely there are hordes of children using portable TV's all over the country. They can't all have been forced into buying different portables just for their games consoles can they?

Any help gratefully received. We don't want to have to buy another TV - we have more than enough as it is!

Thanks very much.

onlyjoking9329 Wed 01-Aug-07 23:48:29

i think ours is on AV channel or maybe 0

LyraBelacqua Wed 01-Aug-07 23:49:12

Can you see if there are setting up instructions online? or better still, send it back and get a Wii

tatt Wed 01-Aug-07 23:50:11

I'll ask in the morning. I think you may need to use the video channel - does your portable work with a video?

Boredveryverybored Wed 01-Aug-07 23:50:49

PS should work on any TV set. The channel tha picks it up will depend on how and where you're connected the PS to the telly. Are you connecting it with a scart lead? If you are then it will show up on an AV channel, which you should be able to from the remote on most tv's.
If in doubt press every button on the remote control

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 01-Aug-07 23:53:29

dh says:
on the telly you want it on,
have you got a button on the remote that says 'av/tv' ?

LadyOfTheFlowers Thu 02-Aug-07 00:04:33

off to bed now.

plug the ps into the wall socket, obviously, then plug the scart from the ps into the back of the tv, then press the av/tv button until you find the one with the ps on.

dh has loads of consoles, looks like spaghetti junction behind our tv!

Niecie Thu 02-Aug-07 00:30:28

Wow thanks everybody - the power of MN

Part of my problem was that neither of the remotes for the portables are the originals and so looking at the tv instructions didn't help but now I know which button to press it worked instantly on the dining room portable.

Hooray - we can banish DS to the dining room for his weekly 'go' and DH can watch the sport (apparently not possible to watch it on the portable) and DS2 can watch Cbeebies (too little to be banished to the dining room or our bedroom and anyway, neither is the place to play) and the negotiating can stop!! Peace is restored.

Thank you very much.

Niecie Thu 02-Aug-07 00:32:57

By the way - Wouldn't want to waste a Wii on DS1 - I want one!!.

Sadly not enough pennies at the moment.

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