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baby carrier recommendations

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gio71 Wed 01-Aug-07 09:37:27

I have a very robust 10 mth old who travels quite a lot on flights with me. Up until now we have used the baby bjorn carrier to transport him on and off the flight up to baggage reclaim when his buggy arrives. He is right up to the weight limit now so I need to get him some other form of carrier. I have a baba sling which he hates so its back to the drawing board. Does anyone have any suggestions? Needs to be something not to bulky to store in overhead lockers and easy to use so am not faffing around on the plane trying to get him sorted.

Roskva Wed 01-Aug-07 12:30:07

I can still happily carry my 11 month old in an ergo carrier. It doesn't have a frame, so is easy to stuff in a bag, it can be used to carry her on my front or on my back, and because it puts most of her weight on my hips rather than on my shoulders, it doesn't kill my back. I have used in to take her on/off a plane, and I was so glad I had it, as they wouldn't give me my buggy back at the plane steps. You can get them here or here

bohemianbint Wed 01-Aug-07 12:31:09

I'm with Roskva, I'm well impressed with the ergo.

Loopymumsy Wed 01-Aug-07 13:27:41

Message withdrawn

gio71 Wed 01-Aug-07 14:47:37

ergo it is then! ordered online and waiting in anticipation.
Thanks everyone

onelittlelion Wed 01-Aug-07 23:24:24

Yep I love my ergo too

mamama Wed 01-Aug-07 23:42:10

Ergo - my 2 yr old still goes in it

kamikayzed Wed 01-Aug-07 23:45:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

youpeskykids Wed 01-Aug-07 23:46:49

I've loved my hugabub....

gio71 Sat 04-Aug-07 09:56:01

ergo has arrived and i love it!!! As does ds
Thanks for the advice

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