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chrome squeegy window cleany things

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TranquilaManana Sun 29-Jul-07 10:35:18

the rubber things you wip over windows.

i want one to keep in a shower to run over glass after each shower (meaning i dont have to clean glass, hurrah)

i know ive seen them in chrome all pretty like. thought it was a daft idea at the time. bought a run of the mill plastic one in sainsburys and been using it and tis brilliant. cant find them now. anyone know where?

BillWeasleyBeast Sun 29-Jul-07 21:38:47

Lakeland do one by OXO not chrome, tis white and green. It's chunky and fantabulous

MrsBadger Sun 29-Jul-07 21:40:05

we have a silver plastic Tesco Finest one from their car stuff section

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Sun 29-Jul-07 21:40:51

The do them in IKEA for under £1!

Pannacotta Sun 29-Jul-07 21:41:57

Very flash ones at, incl chrome...

TranquilaManana Mon 30-Jul-07 14:19:01

oooh, answers! thanks to investigate leads

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