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Optiplan Kitchen anyone?

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bluesky Fri 17-Sep-04 13:05:59

Dithering about kitchens at the moment, has anyone had an Optiplan kitchen fitted? Any experiences or tales good or bad please! Thanks.

luley Fri 17-Sep-04 15:14:18

no, but we got one from MFI in their sale - a schriber Farmhouse - not flat packed, and we're installing it ourselves- really beautiful - solid oak.

bluesky Fri 17-Sep-04 19:35:55

luley, you are very brave installing it yourselves, we're not hot on DIY skills!

tealady Fri 17-Sep-04 22:33:31

Amazingly, we are half way thru' having a new kitchen fitted by Optiplan - I can tell you more next week when it should be finished.

Kitchen looks good quality wise - although only the carcasses have been fitted so far.

We have a few niggles though. Firstly their payment system is silly and annoying, lots of different payments and to different people, eg first payment to them, payment to haulier on delivery for the delivery service only, second main payment has to be made by bankers draft or cleared cheque. More payments for granite tops and for the fitter!

Next irritation is that somewhere in the small print it says you are responsible for the disposal of rubbish. The optiplan fitter tried to put the rubbish in the builders skip (we are having lots of work done). The builder understandably was not happy, so we either pay him or the fitter to remove it or we take it to the tip ourselves. Very poor service IMO - and not what I expect when you have paid 16k for a kitchen. We have moaned to Optiplan but they say - it was in the terms and conditions.

Also had a near miss with the granite tops - nearly ended up with a lot of unecessary joins because the fitter didn't explain the templates properly.

This is sounding a bit negative but on the positive side my parents had an Optiplan kitchen fitted 10+ years ago - it was and still is a nice looking solid practical kitchen - hope ours will be too. Please feel free to contact me if you want any more info.

bluesky Sat 18-Sep-04 11:32:45

tealdy, bingo! Thanks for message, I thought someone somewhere on Mumsnet must have Optiplan experience! The lady is coming round soon. Thanks for payment tips, and the rubbish tip, I have not got into reading the small print yet. I will definitely come back to you if questions start circulating in my head. Did you get your appliances through them?

bluesky Mon 20-Sep-04 21:05:52

Anyone else Optiplan?!

Anyone have a central island unit, and if so what are the must haves to go in it?

sl500tiger Tue 16-Jun-15 06:22:17

Optiplan want everything up front so don't sign the completion certficate kitchen it is fully complete, - they will take weeks to do remedial work otherwise. I concurr on the "post contract" waste disposal scam, - I refused to pay for it, - its not in the agreement. We have a kitchen in progress and it's looking good, - but taking an age to finish (still don't have a microwave!!), will take at least seven weeks now, and I have had to get difficult with them to expidite it. The MD's name (one of them) is Bernard Deasy btw. I don't feel like a £19k customer!!!

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