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Maclaren XT v XLR

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HP34 Tue 24-Jul-07 22:09:45

Help!!! I am the proud owner of 4 buggies already. My favourite is my XT but now its two years old (and has been used every single day) its in need of replacing. DH is v insistent that this must be my last buggy purchase...

Is the XLR better than the XT? Or is the XT still a classic?

All views gratefully recieved

hippipotami Thu 26-Jul-07 19:13:25

I think the XLR is bigger (taller and wider so more space for child) and therefore heavier to push (according to a friend who has both)
Also, you can turn the XLR into a travel system (not sure if that is of use to you)

I had an XT and it was my fave pushchair (and I had 5 pushchairs/buggies for 2 children ) but have never tried the XLR.

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