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WinnieThePooh Tue 24-Jul-07 11:40:03

I want to get a rechargeable (NOT battery) toothbrush for my DD's birthday next wednesday. DP and I both have Braun OralB rechargeables, but I don't want to spend a fortune on DD's. Ideally I would like one with a timer so she learns how long she should clean her teeth for.

She currently has a batterone from Sainsbury's, but the connections in it are not too good it keeps stopping. We need to bang the bottom to get it going again.

Any recommendations please?

babygrand Wed 25-Jul-07 03:29:06

There is quite a range of Oral B ones and they start at quite a reasonable price and are often on special offer in Boots. Our dcs have Oral Bs which cost a lot less than our own ones but seem pretty similar. They don't always remember to charge them up though!

Does your dentist sell toothbrushes? Ours sells toothpastes/toothbrushes/floss etc at lower prices than the shops, so it might be worth trying that avenue.

alipigwidgeon Wed 25-Jul-07 04:47:30

Well I know you said you didn't want a battery one, but if you get the new Duracell digital camera batteries and put them they last a treat. Or alternatively buy rechargeable batteries and go that route. That's what we do. We all have Oral B brushes in this family.

WinnieThePooh Wed 25-Jul-07 08:06:58

Thanks for the replies.

Dentist does not sell them. We had rechargeable batteries in her other toothbrush, but the connections are C**P and we needed to keep banging te end of it to get it going again.

For the moment I have got her Disney heads for my Braun Oral B rechargeable. Will see how she gets on using that, then may buy her her own base unit for her birthday.

Thanks again.

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