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Bionicles - is it me or are these things RIDICULOUSLY fragile?!

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RubeusDuck Tue 24-Jul-07 09:15:15

Ds1 is 6 years old, under the target age, I realise, but really loves construction toys of all types and really looks after his toys. There is no question of too rough a play or anything like that.

Yet today, I have just gone on to and ordered my FIFTH replacement part for the damn thing. The plastic keeps sheering away - it seems so brittle.

For something that's SUPPOSED to be assembled and disassembled over and over again, why does this stuff seem to have so many weak joints - the ball and socket type joins particularly put a lot of stress on the plastic and end up fracturing.

Is it just us that are having this problem - did we just get unlucky with a bad batch?

RubeusDuck Tue 24-Jul-07 09:16:32

Oh, meant to add that we have huge batches of "normal" lego that have lasted since I was a kid, so the normal stuff is made robustly!

RubeusDuck Tue 24-Jul-07 10:07:10


RubeusDuck Tue 24-Jul-07 12:09:41

guess I'm the only one then

Spidermama Tue 24-Jul-07 12:12:41

Nope I agree. They spend all their time making them but are not allowed to play with them cos they fall apart.

OrmIrian Tue 24-Jul-07 12:14:17

Not had that problem I must admit. DS#1 has loads of Bionicles and while I know they come apart quite a bit, nothing has ever broken. Got lost, yes...all the &*^&& time! But not broken.

WendyWeber Tue 24-Jul-07 12:14:56

Sounds like a bad batch to me - IMO you should email Lego about it (maybe not mention that he's only 6 though )

iota Tue 24-Jul-07 12:15:39

how very odd - my 2 ( 5 and 8) have a massive army of bionicles which they build and destroy regularly and we have never had a broken piece.

daisyandbabybootoo Tue 24-Jul-07 12:17:20

Not noticed it with bionicles, but DS has managed to break 2 transformers after only a few days...and he is target age.

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