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what can i get my son for his 6th birthday?

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southeastastra Mon 23-Jul-07 19:10:28

any ideas? he doesn't seem to want anything much and i'm fed up with spending money on things that aren't used much

NAB3 Mon 23-Jul-07 19:15:34

We got ours a scooter (£10), the buzz game from Argos (about a fiver) and a few other bits and he was chuffed to bits.

southeastastra Mon 23-Jul-07 19:17:48

what's the buzz game?

paulaplumpbottom Mon 23-Jul-07 19:18:33

How about a day trip to a theme park

NAB3 Mon 23-Jul-07 19:18:59

This is it

paulaplumpbottom Mon 23-Jul-07 19:19:44

his first fishing pole, do you have a family member who is in to fishing and could teach him?

southeastastra Mon 23-Jul-07 19:20:03

oh he'll love that nab3 thanks!

theme park is dependent upon the weather isn't it? though hadn't considered a day out

southeastastra Mon 23-Jul-07 19:28:17

no no-one likes fishing here

anything else? (it's friday and i'm lost for ideas)

Kaz33 Mon 23-Jul-07 19:40:15

My nearly 6year old loves construction things (lego city and creator), he has also asked for a magic set. Was tempted by an electronic set, but I have bought him a horrendous power rangers thing (at his request) so that is enough.

chipkid Mon 23-Jul-07 19:41:54

swingball-he just loves it

remote control k9 (half-price in argos) brilliant-it chases me around the kitchen when I am making tea!

top trumps-narnia

very hard jigsaw

SoMuchToBits Mon 23-Jul-07 19:43:16

My 6 year old is Playmobil mad, and also likes construction toys (Lego, K'nex, Brio Builder System, Meccano). What sort of things does your ds have already, and what type of activities does he like (e.g. is he very active/outdoor type, or bookish, or into art, or into fighting men e.g. knights etc)?

UCM Mon 23-Jul-07 19:43:55

I know what you mean SEA, I buy DS things that 'I' know he will like and he doesn't.

Why not take him to town and say, you have 20 quid, go wild type of thing. The poundshop is good for this.

southeastastra Mon 23-Jul-07 19:47:33

oh jigsaw is good, he needs to practice them

last time i let him do that ucm he picked a dolly with a really hard head and it's arms and legs fell off. he got very attached to it and called it 'baby'.

good ideas thanks

lilolilmanchester Mon 23-Jul-07 20:10:34

I second meccano, Knex, lego etc
Also second remote controlled toy?

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