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Vacuum cleaners??

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mrsmalumbas Mon 23-Jul-07 14:08:08

Sorry to be so monumentally dull, but I need a new hoover, anyone got any suggestions for decent one under 100 quid? I have mainly carpet, some laminate, stairs, no pets. Not much space for storage, but would probably prefer upright. Do have dust allergies. Confused about going bagless or not? The idea of not buying bags appeals but does emptying the canister into the bin make a lot of dust? Thanks ladies.

cba Mon 23-Jul-07 14:14:56

I go through so many hoovers it is unbelievable. I have just bought a panasonic 2000w, it has a floating head so can do all surfaces. 258 air watt so really strong. It cost 59.99 from comet or 79.99 from currys. Not sure if it is in argos. You could order online. This is the second one of theese I have had. I have also had a few bagless ones, but are a pain in the arse as something always seems to go wrong with them.

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