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Boots beauty serum (or whatever it's called)

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lilolilmanchester Sat 21-Jul-07 23:05:38

the one that sold out but is back in stock now.... anyone been using it for a while? does it work? should I buy some?

zippit Sat 21-Jul-07 23:11:20

I reckon it does

ComeOVeneer Sat 21-Jul-07 23:11:57

Which one is it?

lilolilmanchester Sat 21-Jul-07 23:13:18

How long have you been using it Zippit, and what improvements have you noticed?

zippit Sat 21-Jul-07 23:16:32

about a week and seems to have lessened those lines down between where you smile nose and mouth..but i also take lots of supplements and drink water which has all helped my ten years younger look

LoonyLyraLovegood Sat 21-Jul-07 23:17:54

I was using it for ages then all the hype happened and I couldn't get it anymore. Just bought a new tube today. I did notice my skin looking worse when I had to stop using it.

paddingtonbear1 Sat 21-Jul-07 23:18:03

I've been using it for a few weeks, but haven't really noticed any difference yet tbh.

LoonyLyraLovegood Sat 21-Jul-07 23:19:08

Comeoveneer, it's Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum.

ComeOVeneer Sat 21-Jul-07 23:19:18

What is it??????

ComeOVeneer Sat 21-Jul-07 23:19:57

OOPS crossed posts. Thankyou. Is this the one everyone queued for?

paddingtonbear1 Sat 21-Jul-07 23:20:33

Yep, it is!

lilolilmanchester Sat 21-Jul-07 23:21:55

so, worth buying? Or a load of hype about nothing?

jellybeans Sat 21-Jul-07 23:22:07

Have used it for about 2 months (2 bottles) and no difference but it feels nice. Am gonna try abit longer and see.

LoonyLyraLovegood Sat 21-Jul-07 23:22:33

Worth it if you can afford £15 for face cream. Not worth it if you can't.

Tinker Sat 21-Jul-07 23:23:19

It's so dear though isn't it? Keep picking it up and then putting it back, telling myself not to be a mug

zippit Sat 21-Jul-07 23:25:39

I've uploaded a picture of my protect and survive face onto my profile

toesh Sat 21-Jul-07 23:26:18

I bought it for the lines from nose to mouth. Unlike zippit, i have had no visible improvements yet, but have noticed definite improvements in the neck (which was a previous worry of mine, taken over only by the nose to mouth thing...)

lilolilmanchester Sat 21-Jul-07 23:27:01

Quite Tinker, I've done the same, hoping that I can get some honest answers from other MNetters. let me know if you decide to buy it and perhaps we can compare notes!

LoonyLyraLovegood Sat 21-Jul-07 23:28:17

It does last for ages though because you only use a tiny bit and it glides on.

zippit Sat 21-Jul-07 23:31:21

oh well how do you do this profile is only showing for me

jellybeans Sun 22-Jul-07 10:57:34

I found it doesn't last that long if you use it twice a day but maybe I use too much. It does leave your skin feeling nice and soft. You also use another mosituriser on top, I use Olay. I am gonna wait to get some more till it is on 3 for 2 as can't really afford it or justify it.

zippit Sun 22-Jul-07 11:11:33

I was told to use n amount the size of a ip coin..I am paying to have my teeth whitened this week and the cost pales into significance compared with that...I have taken out a mortgage for it

but then i am in a what the hell who cares mood

cornsilk Sun 22-Jul-07 11:12:48

I thought it was quite good.

cornsilk Sun 22-Jul-07 11:13:35

zippit I want to have my teeth whitened. What procedure are you having?

zippit Sun 22-Jul-07 11:16:24

I am paying an arm and leg to have zoom at the dentist..but i am a whimp (sp) about teeth

reputedly the trays are as good but lalalala fingers in ears I'd rather waste money

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