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Powertrack has a wobbly front wheel - can I fix it?

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littlelamb Thu 19-Jul-07 18:21:04

Our Jane Powertrack's front wheel has started to wobble pretty badly, and we have been leaving it in fixed wheel mode as a result, which is not really ideal around the shops. Is this a design flaw or is there something I can do to stop the wobble? It seems like something being tightened up might fix the problem, but I'm not sure what! Anyone?

horsemadgal Thu 19-Jul-07 21:07:12

Yes, it's a common problem apparantly. And it just needs a screw tightened. I took mine in to the shop I got it from and the guy there did it for me right away, so can't advise which screw, sorry!!
Hope that doesn't sound too rude but you know what I mean.

littlelapin Thu 19-Jul-07 21:09:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

horsemadgal Thu 19-Jul-07 21:11:48

You selling yours then littlelapin?

littlelapin Thu 19-Jul-07 21:13:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

horsemadgal Thu 19-Jul-07 21:50:00

You'd miss it if you sold it. I'm missing mine.
M x

Loopymumsy Fri 20-Jul-07 14:33:20

Message withdrawn

littlelapin Fri 20-Jul-07 14:36:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelamb Sun 22-Jul-07 08:45:08

Loopymumsy- you were right! I took it into the bike shop yesterday where a lovely man spent a good ten minutes making it just right for me. It is the bit under the flap that needs tightening, but not the first bolt, the one underneath. Apparently bikes in the old days used to be made the same way! It is a very thin bit though, so he had to use a special spanner to do it. Very happy now, and pushing like a dream

timebomb Fri 06-Nov-09 21:52:22

May I just ask what DH is? And should I try any bike shop?

CarGirl Fri 06-Nov-09 21:55:11

Dh = dear husband

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