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Calling all uber-ponces: the most poncetastic book you could ever buy a child

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LittleBellatrixLeBoot Wed 18-Jul-07 19:40:30

Just here

moondog Wed 18-Jul-07 19:42:14


purpleturtle Wed 18-Jul-07 19:43:27

Fantastic! ROFL.

Lullabyloo Wed 18-Jul-07 19:45:15

oh please....

BillWeasleyBeast Wed 18-Jul-07 19:48:47


DiagonAllieBongo Wed 18-Jul-07 19:50:05

true bolleaux

TheMaskedPosterior Wed 18-Jul-07 19:50:59


(however - this is rather good!) <ahem>

TranquilaManana Wed 18-Jul-07 19:52:29

wht? it says its easy peasy, what more could you ask?
i think any mother who doesnt buy that is a bit slack tbh.

LittleBellatrixLeBoot Thu 19-Jul-07 14:10:36

LOL that art A-Z is almost as bad

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