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new tumble dryer needed!

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triplets Mon 16-Jul-07 14:45:11

Impossible for me to live without one, my lovely Zanussi packed up this morning after nine years of hammer! Need a new one asap, condenser, large capacity, under £300, any recommendations fellow laundry maids?

amazonianwoman Mon 16-Jul-07 19:37:12

These 2 condenser dryers are best buys in a recent Which report in your price range:

Whirlpool HDD6700 Series 6 £303

Bosch WTE84102 Classixx £329

We have a Whirlpool condenser dryer in the house we rent out and it's excellent (better than the crappy Hotpoint vented one we have now in our house ) - it doesn't make the room damp like many condensers do, and it dries really well.

However I'd be tempted by the Bosch one at that price, just cos Bosch are such a good make.

I sound like a right tumble dryer anorak

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