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Camera reccomendations please!

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sammysam Mon 16-Jul-07 12:18:38

I'm thinking of getting a new digital camera. The one i have is good (about 7mp) but it is very slow (and dd moves so fast ) and all the pics come out very 'cool' as in cold looking-which i'm not keen on.

So can anyone reccomentd me a great camera that is:
high res.
simple to use
good results

there are just too many and speed is something you can't really check before you buy!

sammysam Mon 16-Jul-07 17:07:38

Anyone..please-there are so many i'm not sure where to start

RubeusDuck Mon 16-Jul-07 17:12:06

What's your budget?

I would look at the Canon Powershot series - simple to use, superb results but have some nice manual "extras" for when you get more confident. I have the A620 (and a DSLR now, but hey!) but they've jazzed up the line considerably since I bought mine. I think the newer ones have image stabilization which means even if you have a bit of a shaky hand and slow shutter speed you've still got a good chance of getting a great photo.

Best bet is to pop into Jessops and get a feel for a few cameras in your price range, though. You can take practise shots with them to see how fast the camera is. Then buy a camera magazine (Digital Photo is good) which lists competitors prices. Find the cheapest and the Jessops price-match voucher in the magazine and buy the camera you want on the high street for the cheaper price

lurkylou Mon 16-Jul-07 17:12:19

I'd be interested in knowing too!

Not tooo expensive

RubeusDuck Mon 16-Jul-07 17:12:58

Here's a review of the A570 which I think might be just the job depending on your price range?

RubeusDuck Mon 16-Jul-07 17:14:29

(looks to be around the £170 mark)

RubeusDuck Mon 16-Jul-07 17:15:59

If you've got a bit more money and want some more snazzy features, the A710 IS seems to have a lot of bang for your buck at around £250 ish.

sammysam Tue 17-Jul-07 09:38:24

As little as poss but I suppose around 200ish. The camera I have is quite bulky so i'd really like a really slim one, with good optical zoom with no less than 7mp pref more like 8.

Those canons look good but a bit more on the bulky size-or is that just the picture?

RubeusDuck Tue 17-Jul-07 10:35:37

They're a little bulky but not hugely so. The slimmer canons are the Ixus range, but you do pay more for the (lack of) size and there's less manual control than the PowerShot series.

You'll be unlikely to get a good camera at 8mp for under £200. Remember megapixels aren't everything - especially if the lens itself is poor quality.

Canon Ixus 850 IS is around the £230 mark.

Rosa Tue 17-Jul-07 10:41:37

Just bought the Canon IXus 900TI found it great , good pics,easy to use easy to snap moving little ones. Did lots of homework and tried out friends ones. Bought of Amazon for £206

sammysam Wed 25-Jul-07 09:41:48

right need to sort this out fast-was dd's first birthday on mon and I could not get a decent picture now her and her friends won't sit still for a no one priority is that it takes the pictures FAST! It take a good couple of seconds once the button has been pressed to take the damn picture-i'm really as now have no decent pictures of her special day

What am I looking for speed wise to ensure it'll do the job?

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