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what tumble dryer to go for?

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maisym Sun 15-Jul-07 16:53:27

I've never had one but thinking of getting a tumble dryer.

I have a window next to where the dryer would go - would this be ok for the hose?

I'll be using it for bedding & towels - what would be the best and cheapest model to go for?

Nbg Sun 15-Jul-07 17:03:43

We have a condenser dryer and its nearly 4 years old.
I wouldnt be without it. It saves so much time in many ways.

Faster drying and alot less things need to be ironed.

JARM Sun 15-Jul-07 17:12:00

I would get a condenser, but thats because having switched from a hose i love the difference!

Basically what NBG said, but mine is only 2 yrs old.

maisym Sun 15-Jul-07 18:53:43

thanks - what models would you recommend on a small budget?

maisym Sun 15-Jul-07 22:10:37

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