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Cheap Maternity knickers. Where?

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Nbg Sun 15-Jul-07 14:44:37

Not ebay, I have looked.

I refuse to pay £17 for a pack of knickers that I'll onky be wearing for another 20 weeks but I do need them asap because mine are digging in.

Nbg Sun 15-Jul-07 14:55:23

want under the bump too

bananabump Sun 15-Jul-07 14:55:54

Just get some cheap low rise boy shorts or hipster types from tesco, I think they're about £2.50 for a pack of four or five. But get nice soft bum covering ones... don't underestimate comfort, you really appreciate it towards the end! Plus if you get cheap ones you can wear them afterwards and bin them instead of using disposable ones.

cleaninglady Sun 15-Jul-07 14:56:20

Just go to local supermarket and buy a 5 pack of cheap and cheerful ones in a large size (full knickers) I just threw mine away later and didnt feel guilty as so cheap!

Nbg Sun 15-Jul-07 14:58:12

ahh yeah, could do low rise ones.

The ones I had last time were mothercare under bump but they fell to bits and all the elastic came out!

MamaGryffindor Sun 15-Jul-07 15:02:42

b&Q I bought some from M&S - 5 under bump ones (not maternity, just normal knicks) and they were fine

mate bought asda <sniff> also fine apparently

MamaGryffindor Sun 15-Jul-07 15:03:04

Hmph. Looks like i was sniffing my mate's knickers then - Iw asn't

winestein Sun 15-Jul-07 15:04:15

pmsl at the knicker sniffer.

I bought ASDA under the bump ones too. They were fine

Nbg Sun 15-Jul-07 15:31:44

Mama, have looked on M&S and they have no under bump ones

I've got 3 for £10 low rise boy shorts. Also got 2 bras for £10.

Still £20!

MamaGryffindor Sun 15-Jul-07 15:42:22

no no, they weren't maternity knicks

like this

I wore them after the birth too, then chucked them

Nbg Sun 15-Jul-07 16:46:25

Fab, you've just saved me some pennies.

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