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canon powershot 550 camera

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lexcat Sun 15-Jul-07 12:57:27

Looking of going digital and have been looking at thie camera.
As any one got one, if so what is it good and bad points. Is it a good first digital camera.

TwoToTango Sun 15-Jul-07 13:34:13

Not sure if this helps but i've got a Powershot A410. I went for a Canon and that model after looking at quite a few opinions etc on the internet. I use rechargeable batteries and it has an excellent battery life. really light, good size screen. Only bad point is that when I take pics inside with no natural light unless i'm really close the pics are rubbish quality - but I found this to be the same with the Samsung I had previously and I think may be the same with most digital cameras (unless you spend a fortune and go for top of the range I suppose). I think the Powershot are excellent value for money.

550 review

lexcat Sun 15-Jul-07 18:09:22

thank for that twototango. Anyone out there with this camera

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