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Is anyone using a BabyDan Baby Den as a room divider - I need advice please!

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Loobeeloo Thu 12-Jul-07 21:19:28


I have a BabyDan Baby Den using it as a Den at the moment. I would like to use it as a room divider but have no extra fixings and can't figure out how it would work.

Anyone using theirs this way and can advise me?

fingerwoman Thu 12-Jul-07 21:22:06

it should have come with the fixings kit which has wall brackets and screws.
unless you got it second hand and didn't get them in which case I have no idea, sorry

fishie Thu 12-Jul-07 21:23:46

i think you just contact babydan and they send them free. they don't come with it automatically but you shouldn't have to pay extra.

fingerwoman Thu 12-Jul-07 21:25:54

ooh, mine came with it. how strange lol

Loobeeloo Thu 12-Jul-07 21:26:09

Thank you I did buy it new but had no extra fixings with it and I suppose I never thought about it at the time as I was using it as a playpen.

I will try Babydan

Chirpygirl Thu 12-Jul-07 21:28:12

Yup, give them a call and they send it free, apparently some boxes have them some don't. I ordered a 6 one and a 3 partone, the 3er had fixings, the 6er didn't!

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