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plastic farm/zoo animals - where from?

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Enid Mon 12-Aug-02 18:46:48

it seems so simple...but can't find any on the net. I know ELC do them, but does anyone know where else I can buy good quality plastic farm/zoo animals??

Azzie Mon 12-Aug-02 19:06:22

Some of ours were ELC, some John Lewis, some Bristol Zoo - don't know about on the net though.

You could try these people: - look on the site map under 'Quality toys' (or something similar). Some of these are things I've bought from John Lewis (the duck and chickens look familiar).

batey Mon 12-Aug-02 20:25:00

If you're over in Bath again there's a good toy shop here that usually has a good selection (Snooks), or if we could arrange it I'd be happy to post some to you?

sister Mon 12-Aug-02 20:53:17

Enid, I don't know where you live but the shop at Wipsnade Zoo do loads of farm/zoo animals and they are reasonably priced.

GillW Tue 13-Aug-02 09:24:02

Try this

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