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what do we all think of the new micralite?

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nappyaddict Thu 12-Jul-07 13:54:04

i want it and i want it now!!!


mumto3girls Thu 12-Jul-07 13:55:42

I love it too - if it was reversable too then I really would need one!! ( As it is I don't need it but still want one..)

bagpuss Thu 12-Jul-07 14:01:02

Oh, that's quite nice actually. Would need another baby to put in it first .

nappyaddict Thu 12-Jul-07 15:38:28

bagpuss i am sure you can put your 2 year old in it

bagpuss Thu 12-Jul-07 15:56:47

No no, nappyaddict, I don't need a new one. We not one that expensive anyway...

nappyaddict Thu 12-Jul-07 16:03:50

in that case best get trying for a new baby lol

Biglips Thu 12-Jul-07 16:04:32

what did the old one look like?

FluffyMummy123 Thu 12-Jul-07 16:04:52

Message withdrawn

Biglips Thu 12-Jul-07 19:28:36

its the style that people look at....... like i dont!

LIZS Thu 12-Jul-07 19:30:47

Isn't it the same as the last one . You are a marketing person's dream !!

nappyaddict Fri 13-Jul-07 10:42:49

no no the old one is much different in style and it doesn't recline as much. this one can be used from birth.

the old one

nappyaddict Fri 13-Jul-07 10:44:32

the seat looks much more comfortable on the new one. that's why i never liked the old one - cos the seat looked like a hammock!

ronshar Fri 13-Jul-07 10:47:47

I bought a micralite for dd2 when she was 6months. She hated it. She would not sleep in it. Eventually one of the front wheels snapped off while walking across a bumpy car park!!
I bought a cheepy from Mothercare and she slept in it from the first day of use!
I was very p*ed off as I much prefered the cool looking Micralite

MotherFunk Fri 13-Jul-07 10:59:26

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict Fri 13-Jul-07 11:00:20

ah see that's why you should get the new and improved version. lays flat so very comfortable for sleeping in

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