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Best doll to buy DD for her 2nd birthday?

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MrsScavo Wed 11-Jul-07 23:40:41

I want to buy her a really nice one, but am confused! Baby Annabell? Baby Born? Anything better?

fussymummy Thu 12-Jul-07 00:04:18

My youngest who's nearly 4 has baby born and baby annabel.
Small ones and full size.
She love them all, but baby born can go in the bath with her and she thinks that's great.

This might help with your decision!

RosaLuxembourg Thu 12-Jul-07 00:13:40

Agree with Fussymummy - we have Baby Annabell who rarely gets played with and Baby Born who does get played with a lot because she loves to bath her. The all-crying, all-pooing features are wasted on them after the first couple of days when the novelty has worn off.
And she never dresses them - they are always naked.

Clary Thu 12-Jul-07 00:35:51

I think baby annabell etc are creepy, personally, but the children do like them

They are very expensive tho (£35 for a doll!!!) and IMHO a child will get as much enjoyment from a £5 dress-up baby doll from Asda or simialr. My DD certainly has.

TheDuchessDeMimsyNorkington Thu 12-Jul-07 00:47:02

The Early Learning Centre doll usually comes with lots of free accessories. My 2 year old loves hers. We bought her a Silver Cross pram from Early Learning too.

Boredveryverybored Thu 12-Jul-07 00:53:57

Second the ELC doll, we got one for DD when she was around that age and she loved it. Came with loads of stuff and extra accesories are cheap..unlike baby annabel which we have now!

MrsScavo Thu 12-Jul-07 10:28:27

Thankyou all. She does have a few cheap dolls that are permanantly naked. Just realised I'm probably buying this doll more for me than her!

Clary Fri 13-Jul-07 23:05:17

Ahah well Mrs Scavo in that case you need a lilydoll
anna is so lovely
But no longer made so get her quick!

BBBBasilisk Fri 13-Jul-07 23:06:31

got dd babee annabel for xmas and she loves it but fr a youner child I would go baby born as it can go in the bath. Get the smller size one - much cheaper and I thinkit doesn't poo which to me is one hell of a bonus!

Oh and read the riot act about brios too!

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