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Has anyone hired a trampoline for a party or otherwise?

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canadianmum Tue 10-Jul-07 12:15:54

I have twin 4 year old boys and am 30 weeks pregnant and thought it would be good idea to hire a trampoline for all or part of the summer to keep them busy while I put my feet up. I don't really want to buy one as we don't have anywhere to store it in the winter but thought it would be easy to rent one. I am not having much luck on Google.

Anyone else rented one before, any advice?

bundle Tue 10-Jul-07 12:19:31

ours stays inteh garden during winter. it's a TP one, from John Lewis (the "double" one, our garden isnt' big enough for a huge circular one)

BettySpaghetti Tue 10-Jul-07 12:21:20

TBH they are coming down in price so much it will probably be as expensive to rent one for the summer as it is to buy one (eg £100 incl enclosure)

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