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Toddler Beds - worth it?

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IdreamofClooney Mon 09-Jul-07 15:19:54

I've found a fire engine toddler bed which DS would love

I wasn't going to bother gettiing a toddler bed - just put him right into a single but this bed is so great I really want to get it and hopefully I can sell it on when he is five.

However do I really need a toddler pillow and duvet or I can use a regular one?

Realistically I'll need three sets of sheets so am looking at an extra £100 just like that.

Does anyone have any advice?

amazonianwoman Mon 09-Jul-07 16:08:10

I'd say just go straight for a single bed, which is what we did (with no probs - got one that will convert to a midsleeper with ladder when she's older) but if you think he'd really love it then get it

Friend has full sized pillows and single duvets for her kids' beds (1 toddler bed, 1 cotbed), just tucks the duvets under at the bottom and they look v cosy.

Also, bedding v good value at Ikea. Or wait for the clearance at John Lewis for discounted bedding. Or Vertbaudet v good value too

bran Mon 09-Jul-07 16:10:36

I use normal sized bedding on ds's toddler bed. I use a regular sized pillow and duvet, and it actually works very well to tuck the duvet in at the bottom as it helps to keep it on the bed.

IdreamofClooney Mon 09-Jul-07 16:11:49


Am thinking of gettign the bed as is so great for DS (major transisition from bed sharing with me to his own room!) and using single duvet and pillow so can buy standard covers which will last.

hana Mon 09-Jul-07 16:11:51

or the cotbed duvets fit very nicely on a toddler bed

suezee Mon 09-Jul-07 16:14:45

yeah just get normal bedding, i tuck the duvet under my ds bed and i put his pillow under the bed sheet so he cant get to it.Asda have fitted single sheets for 2.99 and have great childrens duvet sets at reasonable prices. i went to matalan for my ds bed set i got the duvet, pillow and waterproof sheet and pillow case for 12 quid )

madmarchhare Mon 09-Jul-07 16:17:45

I use normal single bed size stuff on DS's cot bed (not sure what dif is from a toddler bed though)

IdreamofClooney Mon 09-Jul-07 16:18:54

It seems that "cot beds" and "toddler beds" are actually the same size (took me a long time to figure that out!)

I think I will get the fire engine bed as is just so great and can;t wait to see DS;s face when he sees it, so need to get a special mattress, mattress protector and fitted sheets for that and will just get a single duvet and pillow and hope it fits on ok.

I suppose if the duvet and pillow are FAR too big for the toddler bed I can always buy the smaller ones and keep the bigger one for when he gets a big boy bed.....

Thanks for input

madmarchhare Mon 09-Jul-07 16:22:17

I thought that the bigger duvet was far too big when I bought it bit it is really good for tucking in so it doesnt come off.

madmarchhare Mon 09-Jul-07 16:22:41

bit = but

IdreamofClooney Mon 09-Jul-07 16:31:03

good point re tucking in - was looking at duvet clips but I suppose I won;t need those if the duvet is bigger

Anyone got any nice transport themed duvet covers - I love the one in GLT but it is £39.99 am I just tight?

amazonianwoman Mon 09-Jul-07 16:41:45

[[ vroom vroom bedding]

Don't buy duvet clips, waste of money, don't work imho!

amazonianwoman Mon 09-Jul-07 16:42:23

Oops, that didn't work!

vroom vroom bedding

IdreamofClooney Mon 09-Jul-07 16:43:29

excellent am loving the digger border

Twiglett Mon 09-Jul-07 16:45:16

have to say a bed is a bed and a toy is a toy and making a bed look like a toy is a bit .... well could potentially be ... well may well be counter-productive

IdreamofClooney Mon 09-Jul-07 16:53:35

What do you mean? I am new to all of this and donp;t want to make a huge mistake and give my child an issue! Please explain

laundrylover Mon 09-Jul-07 17:07:46

Yes I remember a huge sleep problem on House of Tiny tearaways with a racing car bed so tend to agree with Twiglet. That said I'm sure loads of kids sleep well in themed beds Clooney.

DD1 has an Ikea black metal bed which extends to full size. I use a normal sized bottom sheet and just tuck the excess underneath. No pillow but single duvet which just folds up at the bottom. Works fine.

For cheap bedding check out Woolworths or Wilkinsons...

laundrylover Mon 09-Jul-07 17:09:20

BTW I'm sure a normal pillow would fit fine - with DD1s bed the width is the same as a normal single bed so it only the length that is different.

muppetgirl Mon 09-Jul-07 17:14:34

We thought a cotbed cot would be a good idea as would last 'till he was 5 ish.
He clmbed out of the cot around 1 1/2 -2 so we coverted to a cotbed, bought new duvet bedding etc. He then started falling out of that on a regular basis, bought side protector thing, ended up falling out down the bottom so though 'bugger it' he can have the single bed from the spare room. Never fallen out since though had to go and buy yet more bedding and new duvet, waterproof sheet etc.

Had I known we would have just bought a cot and a bed

Twiglett Mon 09-Jul-07 17:15:56

That's the HOTT I watched too ... yes just meant if your child isn't the best sleeper the whole themed bed idea could be detrimental .. certainly Queen Tanya (she who must be adored for her chicky-rockness) felt so .. and I admire everything that women says

Personally I think I'd put him in a normal bed .. and just give him nice duvet sets ..

pirategirl Mon 09-Jul-07 17:17:37

my dd went straight to a normal single, from her cot.

the cot beds look cute, but I dont think they last long enuff for the initial outlay.

Yet, if you can find a cheapish cot bed then maybe so, depends on what your budget is.

my cot was not too expensive, about £60 and I think she was in there til 20 months.

muppetgirl Mon 09-Jul-07 17:17:52

oh and friend bought her ds a thomas bed thinking it would last him and he's out of it at 3.6

pirategirl Mon 09-Jul-07 17:18:15

gawd, wrong bed.

ok no then, toddler beds are not that good value. !!!!

i swear am losing it.

muppetgirl Mon 09-Jul-07 17:23:50

Have to say though I'm expecting ds2 and are finding it really hard not to go bananas on decorating his room. With ds1 we were in rented and couldn't paint/hang curtains even put up a shelf so all we did for him was buy the cotbed. This time we're in our house and it's our last child. I really can't help myself!!

Hulababy Mon 09-Jul-07 17:30:20

We had a normal wooden toddler bed for DD. Main reason was the size of her bedroom. The toddler bed fit into better and gave her more room to play. She went into at 18 months so it was handy being so low too. We used a fitted cot bad sheet, but then a normal duvet and duvet cover, but a very light tog one. When she first went into she was still using her cot bed sized quilt.

DD's friend is a tall 5.5yo and she is still in her toddler bed, due to bedroom size. She fits into no problem.

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