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ello John, got a new motor... my first car, ok need a better seat for 5 yr old than booster, any ideas?

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pirategirl Mon 09-Jul-07 12:11:02

I am not sure what to go for, was thinking one of those seats that just seems to be taller than a booster, but with sides. iyswim.

not a huge budget, but not want to rely on the booster, far to flimsy.

leCodgy Mon 09-Jul-07 12:13:19

what about this?

pirategirl Mon 09-Jul-07 12:18:18

yeah thats the sort of thing, there is a britax one there too, a tenner off, looks comfy.

nearlythere Mon 09-Jul-07 12:19:49

the graco one is really not good- go for the britax if its a choice of those.

pirategirl Mon 09-Jul-07 12:20:43

"this 651&productId=696594"

pirategirl Mon 09-Jul-07 12:22:05

just thinking there, the Britax one doesnt seem to have that sticky out arm bit, that the belt can sit under, thats what I dont like about the booster we have.

arfur Mon 09-Jul-07 12:26:33

Got my dd a Bebeconfort one from it is the comfiest one we found and has the sticky out bits to hold the seat belt in place. My dd is nearly 8 and can still nod off comfortably in it on long journeys! HTH.

pirategirl Mon 09-Jul-07 12:28:56|1&N=1467+365

naff colours, kinda, but they deliver free. think I got her maxi cosi priory from them.

pirategirl Mon 09-Jul-07 12:29:47

great minds--kiddicare, I did a search, and i t came up. i forgot how cheap they r.

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