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School trousers navy (girl) with adjustable waist.....anywhere?

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RainingCatsandDogs Fri 06-Jul-07 19:16:25

All the adjustable waist school trousers for dd have just some elastic in the back of the waistband.Does anyone know of any that are properly adjustable with the inside button pull in on elastic on each side of the waistband ala gap normal trousers.

The rest just drop down onto her hips and drag on the floor!

RainingCatsandDogs Fri 06-Jul-07 19:17:08

BTW she is 7 and yr3 in the autumn and they need to be navy!

oggsfrog Fri 06-Jul-07 19:24:22

Get your needle and thread out and take them in .
I have to do that with any trousers for dd(7). She has legs like a gazelle and a very small waist.

sniff Fri 06-Jul-07 19:24:59

asda do them with adjustable waists

RubyRioja Fri 06-Jul-07 19:27:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RainingCatsandDogs Fri 06-Jul-07 20:10:45

Tried M & S.Far too big.Will look at Asda.May have to get out the needle and thread

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