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What was that nice simple european children's clothes catalogue???

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MilaMae Thu 05-Jul-07 22:26:07

It had no logos and prices were in euros.

lucykate Thu 05-Jul-07 22:30:18

is it dpam? or something like that

frogs Thu 05-Jul-07 22:32:29


hoxtonchick Thu 05-Jul-07 22:33:55

both are great.

NKF Thu 05-Jul-07 22:36:07


MilaMae Thu 05-Jul-07 22:39:06

It was Jako-drool!!!! Damn had forgotten how expensive it was.

admylin Thu 05-Jul-07 22:45:50

I've had clothes for my 2 dc from Jako-o and they really are worth it.

MummyDarlingSausage Thu 05-Jul-07 22:49:48

Great website - Thanks!

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