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Ellaroo Wed 07-Aug-02 22:11:55

...sorry! Have read the other threads on highchairs, but still need more specific advice. I have a Chicco Mamma highchair which I can no longer bear to use as it is such a bugger to keep clean! I am thinking of getting a booster seat instead (dd is 10 months), but am a bit worried as she likes to lean forward and then smash her head back onto things. Has anyone encountered problems with this and using booster seats - does the child then smash their head on a very hard bit of wood? Also, has anyone been worried that their child would manage to tip the chair over if they rock around too vigorously???? Which one would you recommend??? Many thanks in advance.

Rara Wed 07-Aug-02 22:54:02

You've probably also seen all the reccommendations for the Early Years booster seat - I did too and so bought one on the strength of these comments.
It's been great - easy to clean/wipe; adjustable tilt for when dd wasn't old enough to sit upright and portable. My only worry would be that it may not be sturdy enough for a bigger child. Dd has had hers since 6m and she's now 11m and has started rocking about and trying to tip forwards. As yet, it's been fine, but a 5 point harness would help here (this seat's only got a 3 point one). Still, I spose because you haven't forked out loads of money for it, you don't mind it not lasting them until they leave home []
The sturdiness would also depend on the type of chair you attach it to. Overall an excellent buy - definitely worth looking at.

angharad Thu 08-Aug-02 10:02:58

The early years booster seat is fab, only prob is that DS2 keeps putting his feet on the table.

I bought a Mamas and Papas "Luca" highchair for £27 when the digustingly expensive one got too annoying to clean. It folds up, has a removable table etc. Looks very basic and has no proper harness, just a waist strap, but DS2 has been contained by just pushing the tray in as far as possible and he's a real Houdidni!

leese Thu 08-Aug-02 19:03:49

Ellaroo - when I visit my sisters house, I put my dd in my nephews booster chair. She's now just past the throwing her head back stage, but when she was, I just wedged a pillow behind her (between back of booster seat and chair), so all she met with was a bit of padding - just a thought in case you get the booster.

Ellaroo Thu 08-Aug-02 19:38:06

Thanks for your replies. Am still unsure (one tends to lose confidence with every duff purchase made! I have yet to buy something right first time!). My mum has a tripp trapp for her, but I find this really hard to get her in and out of (getting her knees past the bar) - does anyone else have this problem?

Philippat Mon 12-Aug-02 15:06:07

You've got to put her in the Trip Trap from behind! We have just the same problem - you need to hold them round the middle with one arm standing behind the chair and then use the other hand to straighten it all out! I still think the Trip Trap is great, though, you can push it right up to the table so there's no chewing on straps/table/tray etc that dd seems to delight in when out and about.

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